Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukah! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Wow, I never got around to blogging during the holidays it seems. I only did one post in December. ONE! Jeez! Where the heck have I been? Well, in reality, the blog has pretty much suffered since I’ve gone back to work. I’m convinced that all mommy bloggers are stay at home moms. How else do you find the time to work AND be a mom AND keep up a weekly blog? Impossible! At any rate, the holidays are over, and hopefully that means I’ll have time to be a little more consistent on the blog. I know right? You’re welcome.

So, why don’t you grab a glass of wine and let’s catch up. It’s been a while.

Well, we made it through Christmas, traveled to Indiana and back, paid a visit to the ER on New Year’s Eve, and now we’re ready for the New Year. Little Miss Annabelle turned 5 months old on Christmas Day — she’s growing so fast! She, of course, had the largest pile of gifts at the end of the day on Christmas, complete with a new wardrobe and tons of new toys. It was so fun having her home around her grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins. She seemed to take to everyone with such ease, which inevitably made me sad that we can’t be around family all the time. I’m envious of people who live near their families and the grandparents can come to Tuesday night recitals or games when all that eventually starts. I now have the full court press on my parents to move from Indiana to California. If you know them, help a sistah out and put in a good word for Cali. I usually start with: It’s soooooo nice here, the sun always shines, and it’s like, warm with stuff to do.  (So unlike Indiana! Sorry, Indiana.)

Spending New Year’s Eve in the ER suuuuucks

We had nice little plans for the neighbors to come over and ring in the New Year with champagne after a nice steak dinner with just me, Jeff, and a sleeping Annabelle. (See picture to the left: bacon wrapped filets, crab, asparagus, baked potato, and good wine!) And then our night took a sudden turn of events…

Jeff was playing with Annabelle, letting her stand on the kitchen table while he held her hands above her head — she loves to stand. But you know, she’s not so coordinated yet, and she did a little wobbly move, losing her footing, and in Jeff’s attempt to hold her up, she bent her arm backward because of the direction she was falling. Cue the cries. She can usually be soothed pretty easily if she bumps into something or whatever, but this was different, she was super fussy for an extended period of time. And we noticed her right arm was limp, not responding to things like her left arm did. So we went to the after hours clinic, who then sent us to the ER for X-Rays. By the time we got to the ER, her arm was moving again and responding better, so the doctor didn’t think X-Rays were necessary. Turns out, she had what’s called a Nursemaids Elbow, which is extremely common in children under 5 years old. It’s easy for things to pop out of place when parents are holding their kids hands/arms. It actually happened to me when I was 2. Anyway, Little Miss was fine and I think her daddy was more hurt by the thought of hurting her. I was pretty much comforting him more than Annabelle! Now, two days later she’s back to normal, no hint of a sore arm. These things happen. I told Jeff that we’re going to make mistakes as parents and there will be accidents here and there, so we’ll just have to keep our cool and not beat ourselves up. BUT, it is a reminder to be more careful with her. It’s easy to get lazy and not always buckle her in her swing, or not always strap her down on the changing table — and then walk away for a second thinking she’ll be fine. So we’ll be more cautious from now on. We don’t want to be back in the ER any time soon…or ever.

Five months is a great baby age!

So here we are starting a New Year! It’ll be hard for 2012 to live up to my 2011, seeing as though I had such a fun, happy and healthy pregnancy, followed by the birth of my precious little Annabelle Grace. But I think this year will bring all sorts of new, fun things for us as parents. At 5 months, Annabelle is really showing her personality now. She’s just so smiley and happy all the time. Everywhere we go people comment about how happy she seems. She smiles at everyone and I feel like she’s starting to have a little sense of humor too. She makes me laugh and so I think she’s going to be a little ham, just like her daddy.

She’s talking up a storm these days, waking us up every morning now with her having a lively conversation with herself in her crib. Jeff rolls over and he’s all; “Ohmygawd, can you turn that monitor down so we can sleep longer?” But I think it’s so cute. Except when she screeches! She loves the sound of her own voice. She’s a mover and a shaker too. If you put her on her back, she’ll be on her belly in no time. If she’s on your lap, she’s bobbing back and forth like she’s teeter tottering trying to scoot off somewhere! It’s so cute! Of course to me, everything she does is mind blowingly adorable!

2012 Goals

Well, now that you’re all caught up on how we’re all doing with our growing bundle of joy, we can get back to regular blogging, hopefully! One of my 2012 goals is to blog more frequently; as I enjoy documenting my life as a new parent. And I want to open up my topics a bit more too. The other big goal is to lose these final pregnancy pounds! I’m close, so I plan to do a blog post soon on that topic as well. And I also have a girl’s trip to the Sundance Film Festival in a few weeks, so lots to blog about in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year, may this be your best year EVER!

For fun, check out some of our family Christmas photos!

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