All new moms get caught up in baby milestones. Whether we get weekly Babycenter emails that tell us what our babies should be doing each week, or we’re in mom’s groups sizing up the other babies – we want to make sure our kids are developmentally on track. If little Suzie is already crawling, and my baby isn’t even sitting up on her own, I might start wondering; is Suzie a freaking genius? Or is MY baby falling behind?

I’ve recently had my own insecurities about keeping Annabelle on track when it comes to eating solids. I’d talk to other moms who already had their same aged babies on two solids a day and here I couldn’t even get Annabelle to open her mouth and close it on a spoon. Every Gerber baby food I offered her she made a sour puss face. I imagined she was thinking; “Ugh mama, DISGUSTING! Gimme that milk!” I finally got off my lazyass and opened the Baby Bullet puree machine that I got for Christmas and made my first homemade baby food – avocado. And TA-DAH – she LOVED IT! Big open mouth; leaning towards the spoon, giddy excitement with each bite while kicking her feet in glee…it was so cute that I almost ate HER up with a spoon! Yay, my baby was eating people food!! HORRAY!!! Who knew she’d prefer the bland taste of pureed avocado and water over applesauce, but I’m guessing she likes the freshness of homemade food. I even got a call from the daycare today saying she was upset because she wanted more sweet potatoes and they’re all out of what I brought! Before I know it, she’ll be eating off my own plate!

Slow down baby!

When it comes to getting Annabelle mobile, I’ve never been in a rush. That just means I’ll have to baby proof my house sooner and I’ll have to watch her like a hawk so she doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t. I’m good if she takes a little extra time! And up until a few weeks ago, Annabelle couldn’t quite sit up on her own without the support of a Boppy pillow or someone holding her. But then I blinked and she’s not only sitting on her own, but she’s now scooting on her little bum bum! And tonight while we had her on her tummy, she was lifting herself up on her hands and knees!!!! You know what this means – crawling is around the corner! Like, probably a few weeks from now. (OMG!)

On the one hand, it’s always a sense of relief when I get those Babycenter emails and I see that Annabelle is on track with what they say she “should” be doing for her age. But on the other hand, I feel a little sad at her rapidly growing independence.

I’m still nursing, so she gets three bottles at daycare and the boobie when she’s home. Since I rarely feed her a bottle, I was so surprised to see recently that when she takes a bottle she can hold it all by herself! How long has this been going on??? So now I guess I don’t need to cradle her and feed her a bottle while we gaze into each other’s eyes – she can lay on her Boppy pillow and drink away like a big girl – no mommy needed.

Annnnd that’s where the hint of sadness comes in: no mommy needed. I used to feel guilty taking Annabelle to daycare when I went back to work, but now I feel like she probably has way more fun at daycare than when she is home with me! She loves to play with the other babies. She likes to mimic what they do and this is where she gets all these “big girl moves.” I’m sure this is all loads more exciting than sitting on the floor at home playing with a stack of cups with mommy.

Obviously I want my baby to develop on track and be a big girl, but does it have to happen so fast??? Mommy is missing those days where she was Annabelle’s everything! I mean, I know she still needs me, but it’s all happening too fast and I just want her to stay my baby for a little bit longer. I’m already getting anxiety just thinking about a back talking toddler and a bratty know-it-all teenager!! I suppose when the passing of time sucks every last bit of baby out of my little Annabelle, it’ll be time to start thinking about baby #2!

The baby phase is such a sweet, sweet time in parenthood. One minute you’re wishing it away so you can sleep through the night and have some of your independence back, and the next minute you’re clinging to it for fear of losing it right when you’ve finally started appreciating it! Ahhh….

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