The time for Annabelle to have her first “come to Jesus moment” came this past weekend with her christening, which is the Catholic people’s fancy word for baptism. To help us celebrate, my parents flew all the way from Indiana to Cali and my brother-in-law and nephew popped over from Minnesota. No big deal, just a baby promising her life to God and getting her little head soaked with a pitcher of water. It was kind of nice because the other baby never showed up (maybe she wasn’t ready for the commitment?), so it was just Annabelle and my family for the little ceremony. Annabelle seemed to enjoy the process, attempting to eat the burning candle my husband was holding way too close to her for comfort, and she didn’t even cry when the priest poured water all over her head. She just hung in there like a good little girl. And boy did she look CUTE in her little white flower dress, tights, cardigan, and matching eyelet shoes and hat! I need more excuses to put her in dresses.

Annabelle’s christening fell on the same weekend as my birthday, so it was cool that my parents could be here for my own little milestone — turning a year older. Remember when I droned on and on about turning 30 on this blog a while back? Well, can you believe I just turned 32!? Sick, that sounds so old and boring! Where has the time gone? It was a pretty laid back weekend with not much planned with my parents, but we did make a trip into San Francisco for my b-day. No sightseeing excursions this time though — I was getting some new BLINGEDY BLING!

Yep, it turns out that one of the only good things about getting really fat when you’re pregnant is that there’s a chance your wedding/engagement rings won’t ever fit again and you need to get new ones. I haven’t worn my ring in a year, having taken it off when I was 6 months pregnant for fear it would permanently turn my finger purple from being too tight. For months I’ve been rocking a $6 Old Navy wedding ring that’s tarnished like a mo-fo so, Jeff and I decided it was time to upgrade me. (I reminded him that this was also my “push present”, so I deserved this!) My friend hooked us up by getting us on the list at the Gift Center in the city which is a place that people with business licenses go to purchase jewelry at wholesale prices. So we got to pick out something super awesome and not pay the overhead costs you get on jewelry in retail shops. Yay! I found something super freaking sparkly and way blingier than my original rings, so I’m thrilled! I’d post a pic on the blog but I don’t need any stalkers coming for my rings! 🙂

The ‘rents are gone now and although it’s nice to have some peaceful normalcy back in my house with all the company cleared out, I do miss being “mothered” by my mom a bit. I’m so busy mothering Annabelle that it’s nice to have someone mother me sometimes. And I don’t mean that in a negative way, like she was telling me what to do all the time. I mean, bless my mom’s heart, she’ll wait on me hand and foot just to make my life as a new mom easier. She made my bed, folded my laundry, straightened up the house, cooked my favorite meals, etc. Who wouldn’t love that? She told Annabelle that I was her Annabelle, which was sweet. She hasn’t forgotten about me even with a cute as a button grandbaby to dot on. *warm fuzzies* Thanks, mom, love you!

What a great weekend!

3 Comments on Big weekend: My baby has been “saved” (Halleluiah!) and I got older with diamonds!

  1. I must say I love your hair and little AB is too cute! Congrats on getting some bling , I can’t wait to see it!

  2. My rings don’t fit me yet either. I’m hoping once I am done breastfeeding, my body will stop being so weird and go back to normal. I hadn’t even thought of getting new bling until I read your post. Hmmm. Not a bad idea… can’t wait to run it by the hubby tonight. 🙂 He’s gonna love that.

  3. Great blog post…as usual!! Love paying it forward and helping out when I’m there. That’s what mom’s do…Love ya, Mom

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