I know I think just about every single thing Annabelle does is the cutest thing that has ever happened in the history of the world… But I think seeing her crawl for the first time might just be the cutest thing E.V.E.R! After weeks of rocking back and forth on her hands and knees and not quite understanding the whole hand placement/knee movement needed for forward motion, it was an emotional moment for me to finally see my Anniebee take her first official “crawl”. And I’m SOO happy it happened on camera, and better yet — at home and not daycare!!! YAY FOR ME!! Boo daycare, mommy wins this round! Ha ha!

I’ve never been in a rush to get Annabelle mobile because I know that means I have to watch her more closely. No more sitting her down in front of her play gym while mommy takes a 15 minute shower and then another 20 minutes to get ready while she stays put in one place. When you have a crawler, those days are over. Not gonna lie though; when I had two of my mommy friends over with their same-aged babies and their little tykes were crawling circles around Annabelle, I kinda wanted my ‘Lil Miss to get a freaking move on! Being the nice, supportive mommies that my friends are, they assured me that a crawler is an accident waiting to happen — think, pinched fingers in drawers, hitting heads on things, etc.  They told me to enjoy my immobile baby while I can. Well that honeymoon didn’t last long! Watch…

I was just so determined to get Annabelle moving at home and not at daycare. Daycare is a great way for babies to get socialized and learn things by mimicking older babies. Annabelle learned how to drink a bottle on her own — no mommy needed; she learned to sit up, clap, and probably talk a lot more because she was listening to the other babies gabbing away. But I was adamant that daycare not take crawling away from me — that was MY milestone to witness first! And on the video, you can hear it in my encouraging voice that I was over the moon excited to see this finally happening.

Everyone says when babies start crawling they literally take off and you can’t get them to sit still after that. We’re not quite there yet. Annabelle is still slow moving and needs to be encouraged, but that’s fine with me. I kind of want to freeze time now because things are moving too fast for me. I want her to stay a baby a little while longer! She was just a born a minute ago, jeez!

The next thing I know she’s going to be freaking walking. And at that point I’m probably just going to have to get pregnant again so I can have another baby since my current baby grew up and left mommy in her dust! *sad face*

3 Comments on I’m a proud mama: Watch Annabelle’s first crawl caught on camera!

  1. So adorable, AB! Love this age where they are learning so much and growing up way to fast! Next thing you know she will be voicing her opinions on where she wants to shop and what she will be wearing to school even when you say no. Welcome to my world, lol!

  2. Thanks for sharing that linky, @Talking Thirty. I wish these little play pens came in less obnoxious colors, right? It so doesn’t match my decor! If only I had a spot in my little house to put this where it didn’t consume the room! Still, I’m probably going to get it because I’m literally picking AB up and redirecting her attention about every 2 minutes now that she’s crawling. #Annoying!

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