Move over Annabelle, I’ve got a new baby: the iPhone 4S.

Ok, so I’m just kidding about that — my new iPhone has not replaced my baby girl, Annabelle. My brother actually told me that with a straight face (well, over text), and then he said this phone would change my life. Pfft, phone! This is hardly a phone — it’s like a mini computer that just so happens to call people. My old Blackberry was a phone that moonlighted as an internet occasionally, but it sucked a fatty and had the worst camera phone.

Herein lies the main reason I wanted an iPhone: the camera. I’ve heard the iPhone camera is pretty much as good as any little point and shoot digital camera, and I’m taking pictures of Annabelle like the paparazzi, so I need a good camera phone. For 8 whole months I’ve taken grainy, crappy little pics of my baby girl with no flash on my CrapBerry and I’d had enough. So my husband got me a super nice Nikon 1 camera for Christmas, but I hate to say it; it’s too dang complicated and I don’t know how to use it. When it comes to technology, I enjoy the K.I.S.S. method — Keep It Simple Stupid.

The iPhone couldn’t be more simple and user friendly to use. I love that pretty much all mobile technologies out there are catered to this phone – especially Apps. I didn’t think I was an App girl, but one App I couldn’t wait to get my sticky fingers on was Instagram, which is only made for iPhones and Droids. Whether you’re taking every day pics or super cool vacation photos, Instagram allows you to give it a really cool hue so that it looks all artsy, like you used a photo enhancing program like Photoshop. And so now I kind of look like a little photographer when I post daily pics of my baby girl and my dog on Facebook. Love it.

I thought I’d do a little picture spam post of my favorite Instagram pics I’ve taken so far. FYI, I was not paid by iPhone or Instagram to do this post, but I totally should have been since I’m positive I’ve just sent legions of new customers to the nearest cell phone store to pick up their baby iPhones!

P.S. I realize that iPhones are nothing new and probably half the population owns one now, but it’s new to me so I had to share. Plus, this was just an excuse to post cute pics of my ‘lil buba!

4 Comments on The iPhone is my new Annabelle.

  1. I love my iPhone 4s too! I have become one with it. I can’t live without it. It is a part of me. A little over the top? I don’t think so.
    Ps: I love instagram too.

  2. One love, Mira! The iPhone 4S is an extension of my arm now. I hold it more than I hold my baby. HA!

  3. I was searching through 30-something type blogs to see what is out there and I ran across yours with your beautiful baby and awesome family. When I saw the dog sitting up I laughed pretty hard. Great pictures.

  4. Thanks, Michael! Indy is pretty much human so he prefers to sit up on the couch like the rest of us. haha!

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