My friend just had a baby shower recently and when I went online to view her baby registry I so wanted to sit there and give her my two cents on all the products, telling her what she absolutely needed and what she really didn’t need. I mean, now that I’ve been a mama for 9 months I feel like I could really help a mom-to-be out when it comes to registering. Hey, Babies ‘R Us is an intimidating place! With that, I thought it was finally time to do a blog post on my favorite baby gear. Just call me Oprah, because these are mama’s favorite things for the 0-3 month old…

I seriously think this is one of the greatest baby items out there and if you have a newborn — or a 9 month old — whatever, you need a white noise machine. And not just any white noise machine, you need a travel one that attaches to baby’s stroller and can keep him sleeping while mama is on the go! Annabelle would scream bloody murder when we got in the car as a newborn, but as soon as I got this travel Giraffe she began slipping into nice long naps while we were out and about. It’s amazing. I’d recommend getting one for the crib if baby likes it and one for the car carrier.

Cloud B Gentle Giraffe On The Go Travel Sound Machine with Four Soothing Sounds

When babies are newborns they have a funny little nervous system that can make them suddenly jerk in their sleep causing their arms to flail. This is all they need to wake up and start balling. Of course the times this seems to happen is between 11pm-7am! So you gotta lock those little suckers down in a sleep sac with velcro wings. It’s like baby is in a straight jacket and they’ll hate it, but give them the boobie or a bottle and they’re out like a light for a little longer than if their arms were free and flaily!

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle, Cream, Small

A mama’s worst nightmare — 3 weeks before returning to work Annabelle decided she only wanted the booby. She was all; piss off, bottles! Taking her to daycare was TOUGH because she wouldn’t eat. Oh the guilt! I tried several bottle Brands and the one that finally got her on the bottle again was Tommee Tippee. Its soft nipple is shaped like a booby, go figure!

Tommee Tippee 3-pack Closer to Nature Bottle 5oz

Babies need a sense of security, like a little blanky or something that smells like mommy when mommy’s not around. I got a little Lovey for Annabelle and slept with it every night for her — especially once we started daycare. Annabelle would whimper when I put her in the swing but as soon as I placed the Lovey next to her and caressed her face with it she’d settle right in and relax. This one is exactly like the one AB has.

Under The Nile Bunny Blanket Friend, Blush

I love these swaddle blankets from Summer Infant. These linen-like blankies are perfect for swaddling or just laying over baby when she naps in the swing. I received TONS of compliments on this particular pink Bugs & Butterflies pattern.

Summer Infant Girls 3-Pack Muslin SwaddleMe – Bugs and Butterflies

How in the heck are you supposed to get a baby to nap during the day? I was desperado to find something that would work. I purchased a small space saving swing but Annabelle was like; that sucks, I’m not sleeping there. So I bit the bullet and purchased a big swing higher off the ground that swung for realzies and the rest is history…lots and lots of swing nappies. This is our swing.

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Cradle Swing

When babies are newborns they don’t do anything at all, they just lay there. It’s quite boring actually. But in a couple months they’ll start getting some motor skills going and they’ll enjoy reaching for things. This is when you need to have a baby gym on hand. Just lay baby under the dangling toys and throw a load in the wash, go to the bathroom, read Fifty Shades of Grey, whatever.

Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym

Every new parent should have a Bumbo seat. It’s great for babies to be able to have some independence playing on their own, artificially sitting up in this little seat. I started feeding Annabelle her first solids with the help of a Bumbo seat. Make sure to purchase a tray too!

Bumbo Baby Sitter Chair with Play Tray

This is probably stating the obvious, but if you’re nursing, you need a Boppy pillow. A regular couch pillow just won’t do for the long haul. You need baby’s weight to be well distributed across your lap. It also doubles as a great cushion to place behind a newly sitting up baby!

Boppy Pillow with Slipcover, Lots O Dots

If you’re pumping, you must never go a day without a hands free pumping bra. Talk about some of my most used mama items… I don’t know how anyone pumps without one of these.

Easy Expression Bustier (Medium, Black)


One of the most important baby items is a video monitor. When you transition baby girl into her own room you’ll want to see and hear everything all night long, so you’ve gotta have a video monitor. Honestly, I don’t think a monitor without video is good enough. One time AB woke up frantically crying at 11:30pm and if I didn’t have a video to see what she was doing, I wouldn’t have seen that she was projectile vomitting — so scary. Glad I had a video to quickly see what was the matter. This is the monitor I have and I love it.

Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor

I would’ve thought babies loved going on walks in the stroller because it would just lull them to sleep. Not always the case! Anniebee might fall asleep in the stroller, but as soon as she woke up she wanted OUT! Carrying a Baby Bjorn in the storage rack of my stroller was an absolute must. Plus, babies love the closeness in the beginning and unless you don’t mind your arms falling off from carrying a baby 24/7, you need this.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original – Black, Classic

If parents have allergies, chances are your baby is going to have them, too. They say it’s rare for babies to show too many signs of allergies before age 2, but it happens. Annabelle was waking up super congested all the time and we thought she just had a cold all the time. We realized finally that it’s probably not a cold, but allergies instead. So we got a cold air humidifier and we turn it on at night next to her crib and it really helps with her congestion problems. If baby doesn’t have allergies, this is also great for congestion due to colds.

Crane Adorable 2.1 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier, Penguin Shape

The quick list:

Lots of onesies, burp cloths, bibs for a teething/drooling baby, Huggies diapers are better for girls (in my opinion), Aveeno Baby lotion for dry skin (newborns peel), cooling gel pads for sore nursing nipples, and cotton resusable breast pads for nursing mamas who have sore nips and leaky boobies!

A small note on baby clothes, I usually buy my clothes at Babies R Us or Old Navy, but I realized recently that Kohl’s has all the same brands as Babies R Us, like Carters and stuff, but it’s marked down like 40% off! Why pay more for the same stuff! Just a tip, go to Kohl’s!

Hope this was helpful! Look for the 3-6 month baby/mama must have post next!

Did I miss anything? Add your baby must haves in the comments!

4 Comments on Mama’s favorite baby things for the 0-3 month old!

  1. I have an Annabelle too! Mine is just about 7 months old. Anyhoo, I think this is a great list BUT it totally wouldn’t have worked for my Annabelle. She hated being swaddled, wasn’t a big fan of the baby carrier, the Cloud B noise machine animals didn’t work for her because she’d wake once the cycle came to an end and it shut off, and the video monitor would be overkill for us because she is literally right across the hall. It’s funny how different every baby and mama is. I still think this list is an awesome jumping off point, but I think moms-to-be should be prepared to try many things as what works for one may not work for another. Even within the same family!

  2. Totally. New mamas will likely have to try several things before finding that thing that’s going to really do the trick. This is just what worked for me and what I’d recommend to any new mama as a jumping off point, like you said! 🙂

  3. Hi Courtney! I stumbled across your blog when I was pregnant and googling something 🙂 and have been following you since ! I love all your favorite things! Especially the humidifier! My little 2 month old has been waking up each day stuffy and coughy. It goes away after an hour or so. How long did this last with little Annabelle? I feel so baby for my little girl!

  4. Hi Kelly! The stuffiness lasted a long time and originally I thought she was just sick all the time, but I later realized she had allergies. The humidifier helped, and I’d say over time she probably just built up more immunities. My pedi recommended allergy medicine and ever since we started AB on that the stuffines, runny nose, cough — all of it — gone! Give it time, maybe your little one will just build up immunities and the congestion will go away, or maybe she has allergies. It’s still too early to know. Good luck!

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