I’m only on day 3 of my Hollywood diet of cutting out alcohol midweek and I’m already dying of boredom and missing my evening buzz. Have you ever tried to not drink after work when it’s become a nightly habit for you? It’s actually kind of hard! You’re probably wondering what this Hollywood diet is all about and why am I doing it, right? SO, Jeff and I are taking a little baby-free trip down to Hermosa Beach over the 4th of July to visit friends (SQUEE!), annnnnnd I need to look hot when we go out in Hollywood. That’s it. And my solution for the skinnies is drinking less in the days leading up to this trip.

I should clarify that it’s not like I’m drinking a lot, maybe 1-2 glasses of wine or beer a night (ok, on occasion I’ll have 3 if it’s going down like oxygen, oops!), but the calories definitely add up.

I’d really like to try to not look like a mom when I’m rubbing elbows with Ryan Gosling at the Chateau Marmont. I want to look sexah and get my pre-baby confidence back. Can non-celebs look hot post-baby? Like really HOT? I actually even think Jessica Alba looks kind of mom-ish these days, so that means there’s not a lot of hope for the rest of us.

I gotta stay on the weight loss wagon!

A couple months ago I wrote about losing all my baby weight and one of the ways I did that was cutting out alcohol through the week. Once I got on a roll with that and doing Weight Watchers, working out more, etc., I lost a few more pounds, weighing less than I did pre-preg. Then I got lazy and cocky about it and quit doing WW and started slipping in a cocktail or two a night. Jeff was getting so jealies of me because I got to the point where I was stuffing my face with potato skins, fries, and popcorn, and I was losing weight in my sleep! My smug response to Jeff was; “Hey dude, don’t hate, congratulate!”

One major thing that has changed is that I’m down to only 2 nursing sessions a day with a plan to fully wean Annabelle by one year. Because of this, I’m not really getting the benefits of the calorie burn that breastfeeding used to provide. I’ve noticed a couple pounds have crept back on, so it’s time to get somewhat serious again so this doesn’t get out of hand. So for now, we’ll start with cutting the easiest thing — alcohol. Or at least I thought it was easy! Oh how I look forward to that glass of wine when I put baby girl to bed and I sit down to watch my shows and peruse the internet. Wine, I miss you!

Ok, I have 5 days before my trip so I’m going to really try and focus here on my 2 pound weight loss. I want to wear super skinny neon colored jeans, a cute top and maybe a little blazer or something to go over it. This outfit actually sounds very Kardashian as I’m picturing it. I will def need to gain a little swagger from now until next Tuesday in order to pull this off. Jeff once told me I had swagger and I thought that was the greatest compliment he’d ever given me. I need that back! Do skinny turquoise or white jeans bring on more swagger? What do you think?

Alright, wish me luck. I’ll let you know if I meet my weight loss goals, what I wear to Hollywood, and of course what celebs I party with!

Laters, babies!

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