This Sunday my husband Jeff and I will be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary in addition to his very first Father’s Day. A year ago I was daydreaming about spending our milestone 5 year anniversary on a beach in Hawaii sipping pina coladas, when in reality I was giving a beached whale a run for its money eating Wendy’s Frostys chillin’ on my couch at home. Big fat pregnant girls are in the no fly zone. This year, Jeff and I talked big things about going to Vegas to party rock for our 6th year anniversary, when in reality, we have a baby now. The end. So instead, since it’s Jeff’s first Father’s Day, I think we’ll just spend it as a family. We’ll go to church, brunch, whatever, whatever, Jeff will grill out and drink a bunch in celebration of fatherhood, and Annabelle will eventually make him cry emotional Jack Daniels tears when he thinks about how much he loves his little pumpy (daddy’s short word for pumpkin). It’ll be a very nice day.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to give props to Jeff for being the wonderful husband and father that he is. And hopefully this takes the place of the universal remote he wanted for Father’s Day, because this is more heartfelt.

First and foremost, Jeff really pulls his weight around here. In fact, he pulls a big chunk of mine too (oops!). You know how some women complain that their husbands are lazyasses who don’t do shit and they have to vacuum around them and pick up after them? Well, that’s maaaaaybe slightly the other way around in our household. *shrugs*

Confessions of a sometimes lazy mama…

Confession #1: Jeff cooks, I don’t. I wish I had the gene that my mom, brother, dad, and grandma have, but I don’t. I mean sure, I can cook when you give me a recipe, but I just don’t love it enough to do it regularly, or like ever. So Jeff cooks and he does a good job. Because Jeff cooks, I used to clean up afterward and those were our roles. But since Annabelle came along, I’m kind of like a 40% cleaner. Lil Miss tends to get uber fussy right after dinner so I’m usually taking care of her while Jeff cleans, or squeezing in a bath before bedtime. This means Jeff is usually doing the cooking AND the cleaning. He only complains about this sometimes. 🙂

Confession #2: Jeff vacuums and I can honestly say I’ve never even turned the thing on. Hey, it’s pretty new, so I just haven’t had a chance to use it yet……………….(Not that I used the last one much.)

Confession #3: Jeff takes care of boring stuff I don’t want to do, like paying medical bills from birth and checkups that I just can’t seem to keep track of, or putting together new baby gadgets, or gardening.

Confession #4: Jeff does all the grocery shopping. I’m a horrible deal finder — I just never really find them because I really don’t look for them. Jeff on the other hand, can walk away with 6 bags of groceries having spent like $43! I’ll somehow spend $100 on Lean Cuisines and bananas.

Confession #5: I’ll give anything to not unload the dishwasher. It’s maybe the most boring chore to do ever. Thankfully, I’m married to a man who actually LOVES unloading the dishwasher, so I get out of doing it most days. I mean…if he doesn’t love it he sure acts like he does by his urgency on getting it done every morning.

Ok, so I’ve just made myself sound completely useless and lazy and maybe even a little ungrateful. But look, I do have value. I do everything with a smile, m’kay? I’m nice and take really good care of little AnnieB, and let’s not forget that taking care of a baby human is A LOT OF WORK! Jeff tells me all the time how good of a mommy I am, so that makes me feel good. Look, I do have my moments of being a champion laundry washer/folder, dishwasher unloader, cleaner, bed maker, etc. But I’m just super laid back so I can let it sit for a minute, whereas I’m married to a man who is Type A with a slightly OCD personality where there’s a sense of urgency in everything he does! It’s annoying at times, but it also works to my lazy advantage at other times! :/

But really, in addition to how well Jeff keeps up our household, he’s also a great little daddy who loves his baby girl. The older Annabelle gets the more bonded he’s becoming with her. I think guys get closer to their babies when they can reciprocate a relationship, whereas they’re sort of blobby like in the newborn stage and daddies may struggle to develop that early bond like mommies, boobs and babies do. It’s the cutest thing ever when Jeff holds Annabelle and hugs her tight telling her how much he loves her and like clockwork, he always gets a little emotional. It’s like all he has to do is even think about Annabelle and he gets teary eyed! Ha! It’s really adorable. He’ll play with her and just marvel at her cuteness and say things like; “Anything you want little girl, you just tell me and daddy’ll get it…” TOO CUTE!

So if you ever hear me complain about my Type A husband who is argumentative and brash at times, just know that he has a hugely redeeming side to him that is hardworking, responsible, reliable, and most of all, funny and lovable. Happy 6 year anniversary to my Jeffy and my fabulous baby daddy! Annabelle and I are lucky girls… *hugs and kisses*

2 Comments on Thankful for a fabulous husband and baby daddy on this Father’s Day…

  1. Wow, you are lucky! Sounds like Jeff does A LOT around the house. I’m going to forward this link to my husband right now in hopes of kicking his butt into gear. Happy Anniversary to you guys! We’re right behind you — our 5 year is this weekend!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! By all means, forward to the husband and light a fire under his arse! Jeff’s no angel, let’s be clear, but he’s def not lazy, so that’s a big plus I guess. Ha!

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