Don’t mind me, just basking in the afterglow of yet another fantastic trip to So Cal over my 4th of July vacay. As I mentioned in my last blog My quick diet before Hollywood…”, Jeff and I took a baby-free trip down to Hermosa Beach to visit our friends, basically trying to relive the good old pre-baby days of partying like it’s 1999 and coming home with a top 3 worst hangover of all time. Well, I actually wasn’t trying to relive that god awful hangie — believe me, I was actively avoiding that situation — but I wanted to relive the fun times, and we definitely did!

We spent the afternoon relaxing in Hermosa lunching and drinking before we had to get all dolled up for our evening in Hollywood. I struggled over what to wear in Hollywood before my trip. It’s not like you can just wear some cute top and your regular ole jeans and pull off Hollywood. I mean, you can, but when you’re a mama getting back into the game after almost a year — you have something to prove. Enter the hot pink skinny jeans, high heels that made me 6” tall, and my rocker blazer. Not gonna lie, I was kind of a MILF that night. . . I wish I had the presence of mind before we went out to take a million pics of myself and my outfit like I used to with my girlfriends before we hit the town, but I didn’t, so you’ll have to settle for a pic of me checking out my outfit in my bathroom mirror at home in a ponytail and makeup free. Whatever.

SO, one of my guy friends is a foodie and he wanted to try out this carnivorous restaurant called “Animal” in LA, that had things like bone morrow, pig ears, pig head, donkey dick, etc. on the menu, and it was all I could do to order something that I could semi recognize and didn’t make me wanna ralph, but actually it turned out to be pretty decent. Would I go there again? Hellz no — a glass of Riesling was $17! Good grief! But the food was interesting.

Hollywood, here we come!

Now it’s time to get down and dirty in Hollywood. Let’s find ourselves some cool bars and rub elbows with Leo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling. We drove down Santa Monica Blvd…and then Sunset, all the while pointing at all these cool places through the windows of our car — Hey, let’s go there! Whoa, that place looks cool — WEIRD, look at that creepy Scientology building, HEY LOOK – there’s Michael Jackson in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, oh cool, that’s where Jimmy Kimmel films his show! After a while we realize that we’re killing off all our time in our car just looking out the window, never taking the initiative to actually stop anywhere to get our party started already! When we finally do, the freaking worst thing happens — we all get hit with the tired stick and decide to call it a night. Are you kidding me, what a waste of hot pink skinny jeans! But in the back of my mind I was somewhat relieved knowing I was going to wake up hangover free and ready for a new day.

The 4th of July party at my friend’s Jon and Ashley’s house was awesome as per usual. They live 2 blocks from the beach, which you can see from their front porch, so that pretty cool. Being the responsible mama that I am, I drank a glass of water between each knock-you-on-your-ass margarita, and I was able to hang long enough to see the fireworks and the annual 4th of Julackson Michael Jackson impersonator performance on the beach. Somehow I ended up in bed by 10:30, but we started early so you know, whatevs.

Being that my friend Ashley and a couple other high school friends in toe are super into pop culture, we had to head back to the celeb capital of the world for a TMZ bus tour! For two hours we drove all over Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and general LA and saw all the Hollywood hot spots for celebs and the locations of famous scandals. Our tour guide told us that no matter what celebs tell us, they LOVE the paparazzi. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t hang around in Hollywood where they’re guaranteed to get their picture taken. You realize what a tiny little fish bowl Hollywood is, and it’s actually kind of fascinating. BTW, I sort of saw Kourtney Kardashian on Rodeo Drive. I mean, we passed a black Rolls and a pap was behind her yelling over at our tour guide that Kourtney was driving the car in front of him. SCORE! Of course I love the Kardashians, so even though I didn’t actually see her, I’m saying I did. And we saw Lisa VanderPump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills getting her gas pumped, which made Ashley pass out from excitement.

We went directly from the TMZ tour to LAX to head home and I couldn’t wait to see my baby girl. Annie B. was sound asleep when I got home but I had to drag her little sleeping body out of bed to cuddle with her for a little bit. She loved seeing her mommy and daddy and I relished holding that little baby in my arms again. Man, what a fun week we had! I guess I just figured that because I have a baby I can’t get out and still have a good time like I used to, but I def still can. Every mama and her baby daddy should get out and have a little fun sans-baby once in a while. It’s good to get out there again, so go get ‘em mamas, and don’t forget to rock those neon skinny jeans!

3 Comments on Moms can hang in Hollywood in hot pink skinny jeans, too. Just saying…

  1. Glad you had a great time!! I felt like I was there thru your blog. You did look absolutely awesome in your skinny jeans outfit. And yes all new mommies should try and get away with hub or girlfriends to give themselves a boost. Or just going out once in awhile at home can be refreshing too!!

    BTW when you were a real little girl I put on my skinny jeans outfit and high heels to go out and you looked at me and said, “Mommy you don’t look like a mommy anymore!” haha. Thought that was pretty cute!

  2. Hahaha…love! We’re getting old, but we still have fun, right? At least we can laugh at ourselves when we know we’re being lame (Tuesday night in Hollywood). By the way, I went to the tmz tour Facebook page to look up Lukas, our guide, to see if he has a following. Sure enough, I saw a post from Cory! Love that kid.

  3. Haha, that’s so funny about Cory commenting on the TMZ website! I guess we can’t really make fun of him because we woudn’t know about it unless you were also there Lukas stalking! lol! Can’t wait for our next Hollywood adventure! Why are we so obsessed? I wish I was a celebrity.

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