Hi, remember me? I’m Courtney, the girl who writes this blog Life At Thirtysomething. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I last wrote a blog post! I’ve been M.I.A., but only because I’ve been traveling so much. We headed back to Indiana for Annabelle’s second 1st birthday party in my hometown, and then up to Minnesota for my nephew’s baptism, and then down to LA for a work conference – phew! I’m exhausted and haven’t had time to blog. But I’m back!

24/7 with a toddler? Check please!

One really nice thing about taking such a long vacay is that I got to spend all that quality time with Annabelle. Since I’m a full-time working mama, I get to see her a few hours a day through the week and get my QT in on the weekends. So it was great to get to be together so much. I will admit though, I realize how hard it would be to be a stay at home mom and be with a walking toddler 24/7! Props to SAHMs, because hangin’ with a toddler all day ‘aint no joke. These little boogers are walking all over the place, getting into everything they’re not supposed to, trying to climb on chairs, climb the stars, eat crap from the floor, you name it — they’re doing it! Once these kiddos start walking, it’s like a whole different ball game of keeping an eye on them. Thank goodness I had my parents and brother, and Jeff’s parents and siblings to lend a hand and entertain AB when either of us needed a break!

On her 1st birthday party back at the end of July, Annabelle was barely walking. She was taking a few wobbly steps and then falling. Now, only a few weeks later, she’s practically running! How does this happen so quickly?! She’s become such a good little walker, that I can walk out of a restaurant with her by my side holding my hand and she can pretty much keep up with our pace (a slightly slower pace!).

Copycat toddlers

I’m also realizing how much she pays attention to everything we do. The other morning she found one of my wristlet purses on the floor and she picked it up, put her hand through the strap, and let it swing from her arm, trying to balance it like mama wears it! She walked all over the house like that. She was so freaking proud of herself! I about died of cuteness overload! Watch ‘Lil Miss Girlie Girl sporting a purse here…

And not only is she carrying a purse, but she’s putting things in it! I watched her stuff all her little small toys in her purse and then carry it around. This past weekend, she saw her shoes lying on the floor and she tried to put them on! She’s now trying to climb the stairs like a regular size human, by hiking her little leg up to the next level vs. crawling up the steps one by one. She points the remote at the TV, tries to put a bonnet on her baby doll’s head, and more! This may seem like pretty simple stuff to someone without kids, but all this shows cognitive growth, understanding, and memory capacity of a young toddler. Jeff and I sit quietly sometimes and just watch her try to figure things out. It really is fascinating how little baby humans develop.

For Annabelle’s first birthday party I made a little video of her first year of life. It’s a mix of still images and videos of all her major milestones like rolling over, crawling, and walking for the first time. It was a labor of love, so I hope you enjoy it!

Where did the last year go??

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  1. Annabelle’s video was so sweet, and so was the Wedding. You two have a special bond, may it last forever. Love you

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