Justin-Timberlake-022-1280x800You may be asking yourself why in the heck Justin Timberlake, of all people, is inspiring me right now.  And I can honestly say I have no idea, but for some reason as I’m sitting here watching his YouTube channel I’m seriously getting all kinds of pumped up. I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting pumped to do, but I’m feeling like I can do anything as I listen to Rock Your Body.

Maybe it’s because his last album in 2006 (SEVEN YEARS AGO) was pretty much the coolest album ever and the soundtrack to some of the best times in my adult life. I just remember having such a good time during this time period. When Future Sex/Love Sounds came out I was planning my wedding, so it was a very creative, lovey time in my life. And since I was getting married I was the skinniest I’ve ever been, so clearly this is the happiest I’ve ever been. In ’06, I had just moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was working for a laid back company with a big drinking culture (hey, Milwaukee is a BEER TOWN!), so it was just sort of a party all the time. We bought our first condo and I was feeling like my life was really starting to come together. And of course that year wouldn’t have been complete without seeing JT live in concert with my girlfriend in Cleveland. He was beyond amazeballs. Dude sings and dances live the whole time, plus he plays instruments. He’s super talented. My point is; listening to JT’s music is like stepping into a time machine to a really great time in my life.


So this euphoric feeling of nostalgia that I’m experiencing listing to Sexyback is what is inspiring me. Some key themes here are creativity, fun, looking and feeling good, and feeling happy about the direction of my life. I want to get back to being creative again. Blogging is most def my creative outlet. I was passing the time on my train ride home tonight by reading some of my old blogs, and is it weird that I was laughing out loud on the train to stuff I wrote?  Well I was. I miss being excited to come home at night and detail some funny thing that happened to me that day. So it’s my goal to blog more. I also miss all that fun! Obvy having a bambino certainly takes away all the spontaneity in your life, but I just need to make more of an effort to have fun while I’m still young. And of course the most important of all is the ultimate confident feeling I had from being in the best shape of my life. 🙂 Have you ever lost weight and your walk changed? You have swagger! I used to have a little swagger back in day. I need that back ASAP. I’m not trying to be as skinny as my wedding day, because who the hell wants to work that hard and avoid Mexican food and movie popcorn? I certainly don’t. But I think I could feel a similar sense of confidence with just a couple more pounds to shed — not hard at all.

So, thank you Justin Timberlake for being so awesome. You really know how to make a girl swoon, dance, and get all introspective on herself. I think it’s going to be a great year full of a new and improved version of me. P.S. I just totally had to purchase JT’s album on iTunes seven years later because his music was PRE-IPOD DAYS for me! That’s so cray, go get in the studio and bring that Sexyback, boy!


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