PrintI’m not quite at the stage where I’ve witnessed any real “bullying” towards my 18-month old daughter Annabelle, but I’ve seen faint snippets of what’s to come — and me no likey. The couple of times that I’ve seen these minor displays of bratty toddler behavior directed at my Annie B., it’s made me want to scoop her up, hug her hard, and tell her those little girls are just mean old brats with big feet. That’s the responsible thing to do, right?

Ok, like I said, I’ve actually only seen these random acts of brattiness on two occasions. One time we were at a birthday party for one of her classmates and a couple older girls (like 5 or 6??) tried to exclude Annabelle from playing with them in this blow up castle thingy. I happened to walk up on the little girl as she was pointing her finger at Annabelle in the process of telling her to go away. She saw me and immediately zipped her face up. Good. ZIP IT YOU MEAN GIRL!

The other time happened at church this past weekend when Annabelle wanted to play with a book these older girls were holding. The ringleader of the mean girls told Annabelle NO and yanked the book away. Then she told her friend to tell Annabelle NO, too. The friend did and pointed her finger at AB for added effect. Poor little Annie had no idea these girls were being bratty towards her, and she happily strolled away looking for something else to do.

These are both ridiculously minor, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my little girl. This is typical kid behavior and we all know kids can be little jerks when they wanna be. I just don’t want Annabelle to experience any major bullying growing up. I know it’s a fact of life for all kids, but some kids get it worse than others. I was bullied in grade school for being chubby, so I know how rough it can be. If I could shield AB from this stuff, I would. And to be honest, I’m not worried about how she will handle bullies in the future; I’m worried about how I’M going to handle it!

Dear God, please grant me the wisdom to give good advice to Annabelle and not tell the bullies off myself, or call their trashy mother and complain about her heartless brat child. And please give me the strength to know when Annabelle can handle it herself. I really don’t want to tell off a 5 year old, I really don’t.

If you’ve had to deal with kids bullying your little one, how have you handled it?

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