pixieland2It’s been two weeks now that I’ve been home full-time with my daughter Annabelle, and I have to say; it’s amazing how deep our bond has grown in that short amount of time. Is it weird that Annabelle is quickly becoming my new best friend? I know she’s 19 months and all; but our time together isn’t too different than how it was with my college sorority sisters. I mean, we spend time lounging in our PJs, eating all of our meals together, getting ready together, falling asleep together, and I wipe her ass when she needs it. I don’t recall wiping any of my college friend’s asses, but surely I cleaned up their barf, so close enough. So ya, she’s sort of like my little best friend now. We just really like each other.

Of course when I was working Annabelle was my lovely little baby and we had a strong mommy/daughter bond. But I feel like I know her even better now. I’m so attuned to her little sense of humor and it amazes me that a 19 month old can be so clever. She giggles all the time and if you chuckle at something she’s doing she’ll keep on doing it to get more laughs out of you. She’s a little ham, it’s really hilarious. I’m sure all toddlers do this, but I really think AB is being funny on purpose, not accidently cute-funny. (Spoken like a proud mama, right?)

My BFF is totally jacking my style

AB and mama1I realize how much AnnieB watches me and wants to be just like her mommy. She applies lip gloss with a relentless fervor; but only because she sees me apply it a million times day. She spends loads of time in my closet trying on my high heels and slowly walking around my bathroom holding on for dear life so she doesn’t fall and break an ankle. And today, after putting her in a time out for being naughty, I watched her scold her baby doll and say “No, No, NO!” with a little pout!! That actually made me feel bad despite how funny it was!

AB and mamaWhat I love more than anything is how hard she hugs me and how tightly she holds my arms around her. Her affection has definitely intensified in the last couple of weeks. I use to have to beg, borrow, and steel to get kisses from Annabelle, but now she freely gives kisses any time I ask for them. And my new favorite thing is how she lays her head on my shoulder when I carry her around. It’s the most precious thing.

When I think about all this stuff, I know how badly I’ll miss it when the time comes to return to the working world. I wish I could freeze this moment in time and just stay here for a while. No work stress, no obligations pulling me away… just me and Annabelle hangin’ together all day, laughing, playing, holding hands, and being little besties.

Going into this new lifestyle I thought spending 24/7 with my little one would drive me crazy, to be honest. But it’s actually the coolest thing ever. I could totally see myself being a SAHM longer term because of this wonderful bonding…I just need to figure out this whole “keeping busy” routine and isolation business and then I’ll be all set!

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  1. Awww, this totally makes me want to stay home! Thanks for posting and being real. I’m still praying for the opportunity and hoping it gets here soon 🙂

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