vacation-300x200A perk I’ve recently discovered of being a stay at home mom is that you don’t have to request time off work when you want to take a vacation. You can go whenever and for as long as you want! So I’m sitting here on day…hmm…what day is it? Oh yes, Friday – day 10 of my vacation and I still have 5 days left!! I know right, is this vacation ever going to end?? I spent the first week in Indiana visiting family, and now I’m in the Gulf Coast for some much needed beach time. It’ll seem so weird going back home and just picking up my regular old schedule, which is anything but regular these days. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

I’m excited to say that I did do a little looksie looksie at a handful of homes in Indianapolis while in Indiana, and I found my dream house! Yep, a big ole beauty that I can see raising my family in, seeing Annabelle off to prom in…graduations, etc. So this should come as good news for those of you that voted for us to move back to Indiana after reading my post Decision time: Stay in Cali or move to the Midwest. Even when I wrote that blog, I didn’t really think I’d leave Cali anytime soon. The weather is just too to-die-for. Plus, life is cool in Cali. But after my little jaunt to Indy I was reminded that life is also cool in Indy. There are lots of things to do, great sports teams, close proximity to family, low cost of living, etc. I’m starting to realize that maybe weather isn’t everything. I know, 75 degrees in Feb/March is major, but so is the cost of living! I went to this yummy Italian restaurant in my hometown last week and my bill came to $8.74. I KNOW RIGHT! CRAY! This wouldn’t get you chips and salsa in Cali. Anyways, so I guess I’m saying that my perception of how green the grass is in CA is somewhat changing. We’ll see if we make the move, but it’s def a greater possibility after my trip home.

So now I’m lounging in Gulf Shores, AL for another week with my hubs, in-laws, and nephews. It’s been all beach time, outlet mall shopping, eating fried shrimp, and lounging in sweatpants. Do I have to go back to the real world?? I’ve literally started forgetting what day it is.

It’s that time – let the baby bump watchin’ begin, week 12!

comparisonHere is a side by side pic of me pregnant with Annabelle at 12 weeks on the left and me pregs today at 12 weeks on the right. It might be wishful thinking, but I think I looked pudgier with Annabelle than I do with peanut. So we’ll see how this pooch progresses as the weeks go on! I’m going to start posting 1st preg vs. 2nd preg pics week by week on Instagram. Follow me on IG @courtneyrice319 to see how my preggo belly compares! says my little peanut is about 2 inches long and the size of a lime. It said I should start planning my babymoon now before I get to my 3rd trimester when traveling gets dicey. I hope Jeff doesn’t think this 2 week vacay will take the place of my babymoon. Uh huh. It was never declared a babymoon upon booking travel therefore it is not and we’ll need another vacay. True story.

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