558139_10151538744779941_1426599100_nHalleluiah! After three months of training for my 65 mile bike marathon I’m happy to say I completed it on Saturday and I’m all done for the season! And yes, I’m over three months preggo to boot, thank you very much! That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I have a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very sore ass. It’s bad enough being on a bike that long as it is, your booty is beggin’ for mercy by about 40 miles. But I had an even bigger problem to content with…I seriously think I broke my tailbone when I slipped in the snow two weeks ago in Indiana. I was getting Annabelle out of a car along a curb and promptly slipped in the snow and landed right on the edge of a curb directly on my tailbone – while holding AB! Words cannot describe the pain in my ass. I mean, I could barely lie in a lawn chair at the beach and pool while in Gulf Shores because my tailbone wouldn’t let me. The tragedy!

426063_10151397257722964_1262511463_nI was worried how this injury would affect my ride, and rightfully so. By about 40 miles in, the pain was mind numbing. I thought I was going delirious and that I might pass out from the pain, but I fought tooth and nail to get to that finish line. I wasn’t going to let my injury ruin three months of training. But boy did I wanna quit!

I was a little melancholy about the end of the bike marathon knowing that this is likely the last year that I will do it. It’s looking a lot more like we will be moving in the near future so I may not be here next year when training begins. I will definitely miss the green rolling hills of wine country and the sunny blue skies that I get to appreciate every Saturday morning during my training rides. ALTHOUGH, I will say that my fall in the snow in LATE MARCH definitely made me question a move to Indiana!! Hmph!

Check out my 13 week baby bump – a little late!

photo(5)My 13 week baby bump post is a wee bit late (like 5 days!), but my vacay sort of threw my blogging off this week. To see how this baby bump compares to my 1st baby bump at 13 weeks, follow me on Instagram @courtneyrice319 for side by side pics!

I’m feeling good so far. I put on a couple pounds since my doctor appointment three weeks ago, but I think that was from eating out so much on vacation. But idk, I guess it could be a little bit baby! According to Babycenter.com, the baby is about 3 inches long, or the size of a medium shrimp, and only weighs about 1 oz! If the baby is a girl it already has more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Isn’t that weird??!

I found the cutest new baby/gift boutique this weekend and I died over all their cute baby girl nursery décor. It made me want to have a girl just so I can buy all that stuff. I’d call it a French circus theme; you can totally picture it right??? I still have 6 ½ weeks to wait before  baby gender reveal time, so I have lots of time to pounder the perfect nursery themes and baby names. It’s funny how with baby number one you can’t stop thinking of baby names and décor the minute you find out you’re expecting, and with baby number two you’re like; “Oh well, we’ll figure it out by the time the baby comes.” Poor second children, so neglected from the get go. I was a second child so I know. Just kidding, mom!!!

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