imagesCAWRTOL2Omigawd, are we seriously doing this?? Are we MOVING for realizes? I guess so! Today we met with our realtor and signed paperwork to put our house on the market. I guess part of me just thought he was coming over to walk through the house and tell us what we needed to do to prep for sale; I didn’t realize we were officially signing our home away! It’s bittersweet for sure. I know we both feel ready to move on to something that offers us more space for our growing family, but we’ve never lived anywhere in our adult lives as long as we’ve lived in this house. So it’s a little sad. But we have no time to over think it, we’ve got a TON of work to do to get this dang house on the market!

I worked my ass off getting the house super cleaned and prepped for our realtor visit today, which isn’t easy with a toddler. Cleaning your house with a toddler roaming around is like taking 3 steps forward and then 2 steps back every hour. Annabelle manages to dump her Legos box, pull her books off the shelf, or yank her folded blankets from the basket every 20 minutes. No wonder it took me 2 days to clean a 1,570 square foot house!

Although our realtor thinks we have a nice house with nice decor, he still recommends a professional stager come over and rearrange or replace things that will make it sell better. And the #1 thing that has to go before buyers can see the house? Family pictures! No more wedding or baby pics. Do you have any idea how many framed family pics we have throughout our house? TONS! So it’s going to feel less homie living in a house that has no personal pics. Another annoying thing is that the realtor recommends removing the TV from our bedroom. He says we need to maximize our space and a TV stand just takes up unnecessary room. HMPH! Jeff’s nightly ritual is to go to bed at 8pm and fall asleep watching Pawn Stars or Duck Dynasty. And I love watching the Today Show in the AM before getting out of bed. Where the heck am I going to put all this stuff before we sell our house? Herein lies the worst part; just figuring out where to store little knickknacks that bring us comfort but are seen as clutter to a realtor. You accumulate so much junk over the course of 5 years that it’s just daunting thinking about how to clean it all out and purge – especially the garage; uggghhhh.

It’s baby bump watch time – week 14!

photo(7)My baby bump is starting to look a bit more pronounced this week. Just like I said in my 14 week baby bump post with Annabelle, it’s a peek-a-boo baby bump. It’s pretty much non-existent in the AM, but after 3 meals and snacks throughout the day, it’s a baby bump by night. The baby is about 3 ½ inches long, about the size of a lemon, and weighs 1 ½ oz. He/she can now squint, frown, grimace, and suck his thumb! Although my bump is not hard and still just sort of pudgy at this point, it now hurts when Annabelle wants to press down on my stomach, climb on me, accidently elbow me when she’s crawling off my lap, etc. I wish she could understand me when I say “Mommy has a baby in her tummy and you can’t push on it.” But of course she doesn’t and then she just wants to lift my shirt up and find the baby! I wonder what she’s going to think of my tummy when it’s about to pop. We’re definitely going to have to change some of our habits, like me rocking her to sleep, because it doesn’t feel good having her 30 lbs. sprawled on my chest and stomach for 30 minutes a night. How else am I going to get this Little Miss to bed without rocking her? So many changes ahead… *sighs*


2 Comments on Selling your house is a TON of work! Yep, we’re moving! Plus, check out my 14 week baby bump!

  1. Hey there.

    There is a girl on facebook using pictures of your daughter and saying they are hers.

    She goes by “Keira Renee Wilkes”. I don’t know her real name only that all of her pictures are stolen and that when I google searched one of them it led me to your blog.

    As a mother myself I am making it my goal to stop these girls who think its ok to take pictures of babies and make fake profiles. I just know if it was my kids I would want to know.

    Sharayah King.

  2. OMG!That is really messed up and bizarre. Thank you so much for contacting me. I’ll look into this and see how I can get my daughter’s pictures taken down. I appreciate you reaching out.


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