pregnant-woman-childHello second trimester! My god, someone hit the fast forward button on my pregnancy, because I can’t believe I’m already in my 15th week. We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat a couple of days ago and all is going well according to the doctor, so that’s great news. When the doctor asked me how I was feeling I let her know that I’m better than ever. I feel great, like super-duper fantastic. It’s so weird that I’m feeling so agile, energetic, healthy, and at ease during the early stages of my pregnancy, because usually that’s not the case. I started thinking about some of the differences that I’ve noticed with this pregnancy vs. the first, and mostly it’s good, with maybe one drawback on a personal level… so here they are:

More active with a toddler, less weight gain!

Having a toddler running around, you don’t get a lot of time to just sit around and chill on the couch. I mean, I do have my couch potato moments, but it seems like no sooner than I plop down on the couch to take a load off, I smell a raunchy diaper two feet away and gotta run up the stairs to change that dirty D! I sit down again and then Annabelle wants something to eat, or my dog needs to go out, or I have to pee a hundred times a day. It never ends! On top of just the everyday child care stuff that keeps me busy, I’m taking the dog on a 40-60 minute walk and then heading to the gym 4-5 days a week. Obviously now that I’m not working in an office I have the time to hit the gym so frequently and go on daily dog walks, so I understand that my lifestyle change has def helped me stay healthy and lean this time around.

Not stressed about the baby books!

The more baby books that I acquired while pregnant with Annabelle, the more anxiety I felt thinking about how I’m going to get through them all before the baby came. But now I’m all; been there, done that. I don’t need no stinking book! I feel confident knowing that when the baby comes I’m already equipped with the experience I need to do it all over again.

Not sitting around obsessing over the gender, names, and nursery décor

I know it sounds bad to say; but with your second kid the mystery of pregnancy and motherhood has gone away, so I don’t find myself obsessing over the baby’s gender, names, or mentally decorating a potential pink or blue baby room 24/7. I mean, I obvy think about this stuff, but I’m busy taking care of a toddler and focusing on selling our house, a big move, etc. I have a lot to focus on!

Am I already feeling the baby move at 15 weeks?

I read a commenter on Babycenter say that she’s already feeling the baby move at 15 weeks. They say you can start to feel the baby move as early as 16-22 weeks, but when I read that comment I felt like maybe I’ve felt something, too! I’ve noticed a little twitching in my belly here and there and I wonder what the heck it would be if it wasn’t a baby, so who knows, maybe I’m experiencing movement a little earlier this time!

Husband isn’t as lovey and attentive in round two 

So this is the not so great part about pregnancy number two. I think the mystery of it all has worn off for my husband, too, because he’s def not the same attentive and lovey dovey guy he was during my first pregnancy. My 15-week blog post in pregnancy #1 was entitled “Do husbands love you more when you’re pregnant?”  I totally got jealous of my former self while reading that post thinking about how sweet Jeff used to be! Oh how I miss Mr. Sensitive, the man who told me he loved me 100 times a day and relished in making me a bowl of ice cream. Jeff’s supply of lovecrack brought on by his wife’s pregnancy has officially run out! Who knows, maybe it’ll come back when I start to get a genuine baby bump!?

Check out my 15-week baby bump!

photo(15)The baby is now about 4” long and weighs 2 ½ oz, or about the size of an apple. Apparently if I was to do an ultrasound this week I could already tell the baby’s gender, but dang it if I have to wait another 5 weeks before I find out! Ahh!

Anyway, I took a bump pic last night and decided I looked bigger than I do in the mornings when I haven’t eaten 3 meals and snacked all day, so this is the morning pic! I texted Jeff a side by side of the AM/PM shot and asked him if he could see a big difference in my size. He said no. And I said he’s cray and just being lazy about analyzing the pic!

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