Buying-Your-Dream-Home1Hi there, sorry I’ve been M.I.A. in the last couple weeks. I hosted my mom here in Cali for about a week, and then Jeff and I headed to Indianapolis over Memorial Day weekend to *hopefully* find and put an offer on our dream home. The last time I updated you on our home sale situation we had just had a second buyer back out after putting in an offer that we accepted. We were on a serious emotional rollercoaster making us ready to give up on the whole process all together. BUT a few days later we ended up getting a full price offer on our home and we accepted, YAY! I’ve kept mum about all of this because I hate to jinx anything by talking about it before the fat lady has sung (i.e. our closing date), but I’m just so ready to talk about it! So, with the sale of our house in Cali looking good, we jetted to Indy to look for the home we plan to raise our family in.

When we first started looking at homes in Indianapolis back in March the options seemed endless. When you’re used to the home prices in California and then you look at what you can afford with your dollars in the Midwest, it’s insane and incredibly exciting! But as we came closer to our Memorial Day weekend trip, some of our favorite homes on our list were slipping through our fingers as other buyers were snatching them up. We started to feel nervous that perhaps we wouldn’t find our new home during our one and only big house hunting trip.

We saw about 7 houses and of course we had our personal favorites from selecting each home on in advance. It wasn’t until our fourth house that we both had that little feeling that told us we may be standing in our new home. It’s an adorable Craftsman style ranch home with a grey/blue and half brick exterior, with all those super cute Craftsman style features that I love. There is a huge all white kitchen which I love and totally makes me wanna be a good cook so I can spend lots of time in there. But what I love more than anything is that it has a nice sized front and backyard, which will be so great for our family and our dog, and it’s on a cold-de-sac which means low through traffic – bonus! After seeing all the homes we decided to go back one more time to that Craftsman home for one last look, and with that, we decided we were ready to put in an offer! We met with our realtor on Sunday to fill out the paperwork and by Monday we had an accepted offer from the sellers, WAHOO!!

Of course if I’m moving into a home I’m going to want to do things to make it my own, like give it new paint and carpet, so this is a fun little project. Plus, we’re going from a modest 1,570 square foot house to a 4,088 square foot home, we need new furniture! So it’s all very fun to pick out, albeit, expensive! I can’t wait until we get to start on this whole move-in home upgrade project, but first we have pack up this home before we go. UGH!!

I look forward to documenting my journey from California to Indiana and experiencing life in the burbs with lots of space, a lower cost of living, and close proximity to family. I always wished I would’ve been blogging back in 2007 when we made the move from Wisconsin to Cali. How cool would it have been to write about my first trips to San Francisco, Alcatraz, Napa Valley, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, and more? It would’ve been funny to document what it was like working in the cut throat corporate retail environment that I started in upon moving here, and of course writing about purchasing our first house and dog – all before babies were ever on the brain. I’ve had a fabulous 6 years in California, but it’s time to start a new adventure!

Baby bump watch continues – week 21!

photo(27)So I never got around to posting a 20 week blog last week, but if I had I would’ve written about how frustrating it is that cute baby boy clothes pale in comparison to all the ridiculously cute baby girl clothes in most stores. How unfair is that for our little dudes on the way? They deserve the same kind of fashions that their sisters do! So I’m still on the hunt for super cute boy clothes. If you have recommendations for good places to shop for good quality boy clothes, leave me a note in the comments!

All is still going well with my pregnancy so far. I have yet to experience any aches and pains and have not started waddling yet, so I’m hoping these things stay away as long as I’m staying active with my daily walks and 3-4 times weekly gym sessions. Baby is getting more active in my belly with the kicks getting stronger and stronger. He’s definitely getting biggies these days, about the size of a carrot. It’s funny how a carrot sized baby can make me have what looks more like a volleyball sized baby in my stomach, but whatever!


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  1. Congratulations to you and your husband. It sounds like you have many transitions ahead: saying goodbye to California, moving into your new DREAM home, and a baby on the way!

    I took note of your comment about choosing the midwest to raise a family. I live & have a home building business in Illinois – and completely understand.

    I wish you and your family all the best during this time & welcome to the midwest!

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