baby_boy_vote_sticker_for_gender_reveal_party-r1261a02c064b4b80974bcb85fab78719_v9wf3_8byvr_512I guess I’m going to have to start from scratch again with the baby playbook, because I’m having a BOYYYYYY! Ha!

If you remember my Thursday blog, I said having a boy makes me anxious because I already know how to do girls, whereas boys would be completely new and it would feel like I was starting over with everything. Well, who doesn’t like a change of pace once in a while?  This is going to be a brand new adventure!

I want to just say how thrilled I am to have an A++ ultrasound report card in terms of having a perfectly healthy baby. I was nervous because with Annabelle the doc found two abnormalities and we had to go back 10 weeks later to check on them. Thankfully everything was fine back then, but it made me skittish for this time around. The doctor told us that 25% of pregnancies have abnormalities, and he told us that three ultrasounds just yesterday showed a baby with no heartbeat. I cannot even fathom getting this far and being so invested in my pregnancy and getting the news that the baby’s heart was not beating. It just made me feel so blessed to have a healthy baby and I appreciated the news so much more after hearing those sad stories of other women in my same shoes.

So now we can finally get serious about baby names, nursery décor and all that stuff that comes with having a new baby. I feel this is the point where I start to feel really connected to my pregnancies, when I know it’s a boy or girl and the baby starts to move and kick. From this point on I can start imagining a little boy, picturing him playing with Annabelle, thinking about him playing football someday, whatever. It’s definitely a lot more real now!

Im a boy

I’m happy the ultrasound technician didn’t make us wait for the doctor to give us the news on whether it’s a boy or girl. When she told us it was a boy I started laughing with tears streaming down my face. I looked over at Jeff and I wasn’t sure what he was thinking! Funny thing; but for some reason Jeff made no secret of the fact that he wanted another girl. He said on multiple occasions that he doesn’t want a boy; he thinks he’s better suited for girls. I kept telling him that he shouldn’t say that because when we find out we’re having a boy that will be the first thing that pops in my head! I said even if we started out having a girl, it’s going to change into a boy because he kept saying that, ha! I’m sure it’s just taking a moment to settle in and he’ll be over the moon when he pictures his future with a son. I know most people are probably as perplexed as I am as to why a dude wouldn’t want to have another little dude, but idk, Jeff’s Mr. Sensitive and he loves his little girl AnnieB and wanted a repeat of her.

photo(22)<————–Aww, Annabelle is mourning her baby sister!! Not gonna lie; there was a part of me that had a slight stab of disappointment thinking about that little sister for Annabelle that she’s not going to have. Or all those ridiculously adorable baby girl clothes that I have packed up in boxes waiting to come out again with another little chicki boom boom. But I know Annabelle will do great with a little brother because she loves playing with her little boy cousins. And baby boy clothes are cute too and we get to go shopping for all new stuff. What mama doesn’t like to shop for new baby clothes?! Who knows, we could always have a baby girl if we decide to try for a third, but I’m thinking we’re done after this one. I don’t want to be outnumbered with three kids and two parents. Scary!

Name suggestions, please!

I spent so much time thinking about girl names that I don’t have many boy names in mind. I’d love some name suggestions from you! Help a mama out! Jeff said he liked the name Christian and I mulled it over a bit. I shared that name with my friend and she informed me that it would be very weird to have an Anna[belle] and Christian…. Too similar to our latest favorite book characters of Anastasia and Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey!! LOL! No, I will not be naming my kids after a sex and bondage love story!!! Gross!

4 Comments on Thank the Lord! I’m having a healthy baby………….. [Gender reveal ahead!]

  1. I just found your blog and I love it! I’ve spent the last hour reading old posts and laughing my butt off!! I am pregnant with my first and our gender ultrasound is June 10th. I suspect I am having a boy. The names we’re loving right now are Nathan and Trey.

  2. Hey!! Came across your blog yesterday when googling for something on pregnancy… bumped into your baby girl pregnancy post and loved it so much, i read one after the other post, all about your first preg till late in the night, lying on bed, on mobile!
    Now, wanted to subscribe to it and check out more posts and got to know you are pregnant again!! Congrats!!
    And guess what? i just completed my 20 weeks of my first preg yesterday… and so happy to know that we’ll have our baby around the same time! Would love to be a regular here!!
    I did have my US last week, but didn;t want to know the sex of the baby – a surprise, you see! And here in EU they dont tell unless you really want to know… so!!
    Good luck with your pregy…. and Annabelle is a cute gal!

  3. Hi Kelly, wishing you a happy and healthy first pregnancy! Thanks for checking out my blog and giving me some baby name suggestions!

  4. Hi Sum, glad you came across my blog and have enjoyed it so far! Definitely hope you become at regular here! Congrats on your pregnancy and it’ll just make labor and delivery so much more exciting knowing you have a little surprise at the end! I just couldn’t bring myself to wait a minute longer past my 20th week! Good luck with everything!

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