welcome-to-indiana-new-sign-2011I’ve now been in Indianapolis for a week and a half, living out of a suitcase and staying with friends the entire time. We finally closed on our new house last Friday but our furniture delivery truck has been delayed until July 2nd. That’s right, no furniture for a week and a half! Our house has been a revolving door of cable guys, gas and electric peeps, landscapers, cleaning ladies, and invisible fence trainers. It’s exhausting, not to mention uncomfortable to not have anywhere to sit and no TV to turn on and break the monotony of silence. I find myself thinking that any day now I’m going to head back home to California to my old house and my old life and get back to normal. But nope, this is my new normal. Forget spending all my days outside in the blue skies and humidity free weather. I’m going to have to get used to being a sweaty beast the minute I leave my house due to the hot, humid and hazy days that are typical of Indiana. I miss the beautiful California mountainous backdrop in every direction you look. It’s so picturesque. I miss my lifestyle gym that was so inviting and had an awesome outdoor pool and tiki bar. I miss the cute little downtown shopping area where you just park and walk around for hours. I basically miss everything about Cali. I already feel like that annoying girl that I knew I would become because I talk about California all the time and compare everything. I mean, it’s hard not to.

I do think with a little more time and once we’ve settled into our house with furniture and décor that it will start to all come together. We want to be sure we take part in all the little festivals and other stuff going on so we can begin to engrain ourselves into the Indy culture. The good news is that Annabelle seems to love her new house. She’s been such a good girl hanging around the house all day not going anywhere and just busying herself with the few toys she has here. She loves playing in the grass so much. We suspect Annabelle just thinks she’s on vacation and will return home at some point, but at least she seems to like it here so far. I wonder what she thinks about all this heat and humidity. My dog Indy loves running circles around our house at vampire speed because he wasn’t able to do that at our old house. Btw, our dog Indy’s name is slightly embarrassing now that we actually live in Indy. It was a cool tribute to our Indiana roots when we got him in CA as a puppy, but now it’s just corny living in Indy!

As much fun as it can be to get a new house and fill it with a bunch of fun new stuff, it can also feel very overwhelming. Today I was super tired and feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff we need to buy to fill in a 4,000 square foot house. It made me a bit sad about our move and I had to fight back tears from nostalgia. I just wanted to go back to the comforts of my old house, where everything was put together and super homey, and where my dog could relax and not be a nervous wreck by all the strangers coming in and out of the house like they’re doing now. I really think the majority of my discontent will be settled once we’re all moved in and comfy in our new house. And of course when we start getting visits from our parents on a regular basis that will be a big reminder why we moved here. This will especially come in handy in October when our bouncing baby boy arrives…

Baby bump watch continues — week 25!

25 weeksI’ve been so consumed with my move that I haven’t done a bump pic in two weeks! With my schedule being influx, not getting to the gym in a week and a half, and eating out 3 meals a day, I can literally HEAR myself getting fatter. Gone are my skinny preggo days. I’m preggo preggo now. And I’m sad to say that today I started experiencing my first bout with sciatic nerve pain in my tailbone area. It sucks and I know the waddle isn’t too far behind. I really thought if I kept my workouts up and stayed active that I could bypass sciatica all together with this pregnancy. I hope my inactivity and nearly daily McDonalds intake hasn’t brought this on. Ugh.

At 25 weeks, the baby is 13 1/2 inches and about a pound and a half. He’s going to start filling out now, making him look more and more like a newborn baby in the coming weeks. I can’t believe I only have 15 weeks left, and other days October seems so far off into the future that I can’t believe I feel as big as I do and I still have nearly 4 months to go!

Ok, very random side note, but we got our new TV today and I’ve been watching “Rock of Ages” in the background as I’ve been blogging away. I just looked up and realized not only has the movie ended but soft core porn is now playing. I should mention that I have large windows in my living room and have no blinds yet, so my neighbors behind me could totally look out their window and see preggo sitting here watching PORN at 11pm. Welcome to the neighborhood!  We’re not freaks from California, promise!



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