Money-Pit-movie-poster-Tom-Hanks-Shelley-LongI used to love the 1980’s movie “The Money Pit” with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long because it was so freaking funny. And I sort of feel like we’re living our own version of The Money Pit these days…but for us, it isn’t as funny – it’s annoying. And it’s literally and figuratively draining to feel like you’re bleeding money every day on some item for your new house, or some unexpected repair that sets you back several hundred dollars or more. I mean, it’s not seriously anywhere as bad as the house in the movie, but it’s just super freaking expensive to buy a new house and fill it with furniture, change out ugly charcoal grey carpet or bright orange bedroom walls, fix overgrown landscaping, and more. I know we don’t have to do all these upgrades all at once, but I know how it is; once you get used to a place you sort of find other areas to blow your money and before you know it the carpet or the paint is no longer a priority and something else is. So I want to get the house all fixed up now while it’s new to us and we’re excited about it.

Our furniture FINALLY arrived on July 2nd, so now we actually have our things that will start to turn this house into a home. If only we had the energy to unpack all these dang boxes! I spent the first two days unpacking, and let’s talk about how exhausting this task is for someone over 6 months preggo. I need to take frequent breaks and I feel like napping constantly, which makes me feel like a lazyass when Jeff is pouring sweat doing some major task and I’m lounging on the couch. I wish I could just snap my fingers and everything would be in place already.

I know I shouldn’t complain because this is obviously by no means a “problem” and this feeling of unsettledness will pass soon. I think it’s just overwhelming for me because I remember being around 7 months pregnant with Annabelle and I was hit with a major nesting phase. I had this strong need to get her nursery put together and wash and fold all her new baby clothes, etc. It was a lot of work and that was just one room! So obvy my nesting urge is looking at this blank canvas and thinking OMG SEND ME BACK TO THAT SMALLER HOUSE IN CALIFORNIA NOW THANNNNKKKKSSSS.

We have painters coming on Monday and once they’re done we can start to hang stuff on the walls, put up new curtains, etc. It’ll all finally come together then. And in another month or so I’ll be all happy and relaxed in my new pad. Maybe I’ll even post some pics if Jeff doesn’t put the kibosh on that. He’s so moody about my oversharing on the internet and I have no idea why…

Baby bump watch continues – week 26!

photo(44)I find myself feeling self-conscious at times when I meet new people and they ask me when I’m due. When I say October it feels so far away and I feel like I look 8 months pregnant already, so I’m imagining them thinking I’m gonna be HUGE when the baby finally comes. The other day my friend goes; “When are you due again, July?” I’m like WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME????!!?? Jerks.

Baby is on the move, the little guy is a movin’ and a shakin’! Annabelle loves to rest her head on my belly and watch TV, and it’s funny when she rears up really quickly and looks at me like; “What the heck was that mama??” I think her little brother just kicked her in the face. Let the sibling fighting begin!

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