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Jenna Dewan-Tatum looks amaze 6 weeks post-partum. Whatever!

I’m getting really tired of seeing new celebrity moms coming out of hiding 3-6 weeks post-partum and already looking thin as can be, as if they were never pregnant. It completely gives REAL moms to be a false impression of what happens to our bodies’ post-partum. Of course we see these images and feel awful about ourselves when we still look 6 months pregnant a month after giving birth! Channing Tatum’s wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, is the latest celeb making it all look so easy. She had a baby 6 weeks ago and she’s already wearing a freaking skin tight dress on the red carpet and she looks amazing. NOT NORMAL! Um…aren’t we supposed to wait 6 weeks before we even think about exercising after birth? Doctor’s orders! How do celebs exercise 2-3 weeks after pushing a baby out of their vajayjay, or hell, after having a C-section? Knowing how I felt a few weeks after birth, I can’t imagine putting my butt on a treadmill so soon.

I did think it was great the Kate Middleton stepped out the day after having her baby showing off her post-partum curves, which hello, obviously still looks like a full-on baby bump. Thanks, Princess Kate! Real women appreciate that.

I remember thinking I was going to jump right back into my pre-preg shape in no time, giving myself a 90-day goal to get thin and fab after Annabelle was born. HA, 90 days! I’d say 90 days was about the time when I started getting into a good groove with exercising again and making some real progress with my endurance and seeing some results. But then it was time to go back to work and my progress stalled when I had to find time to hit the gym outside of working full time and caring for a needy infant in my non-work hours. It ultimately took me 8 ½ months to lose every last pound of my baby weight, and I even lost a few more pounds beyond that. But I still felt self-conscious that my stomach never looked the same as it did pre-preg. I even blogged about it wondering why I still looked 3 months pregnant 7 months’ post-partum! Give a girl a break!

Now that I’ve had a baby and know what the after effects of childbirth look and feel like, I know not to set myself up for failure with such unrealistic goals. I will not expect to come down with a serious case of the skinnies within 90 days. I just want to be on my way to the skinnies at that point, and then I’ll feel good.

I wish celebs would come out and say Look; I have a personal chef and a personal trainer that lives at my house and I have a nurse on call to re-stitch my vajayjay stitches every day because I’m working out way before doctor says I can and my stitches keep coming undone. Can’t they just admit that it’s a lot more than just breastfeeding and good genes that helped them drop the poundage? I really think celebs are doing real mommies a disservice by unveiling unrealistic bodies way too soon after giving birth. If they have to drop the lbs for work, fine, just be cool and tell everyone you don’t eat, work out 24/7 and have a baby swinging from their tit while on the elliptical. I’d appreciate them more if they’d just freaking come clean about how they shed the pounds!

Baby bump watch continues – week 30!

photo2I met my new OB-GYN in Indianapolis this week and I realized how much it sort of sucks to change docs midway through pregnancy. I miss the familiarity of my old OB. This new one was super soft spoken and a bit stricter on things. Namely, she informed me that I’ve gained THIRTEEN POUNDS since my last appointment 6 weeks ago. I knew my weight had really increased during my move because I was completely out of my exercise and dog walking routine, not to mention we were eating out 3 meals a day until we got our pots and pans delivered to our new house. My old doctor would’ve made it breezy and said its fine, no big deal, just try to watch it going forward – all with a smile. This new doc was like; Um, time to stop eating out and really watch it. I don’t expect you to lose weight, just eat more fruits and veggies going forward.  Not that she said anything bad, it’s all true, but she just seemed all serious about it which made me feel irresponsible with my preggo weight gain! I feel big, sure, but I still think I look better than I did when I was 29 weeks preggo with Annabelle! I was big all over with her, but now I’m just carrying it all in my belly. But nonetheless, I’ve cut out my nightly Magnum ice cream bars and Dairy Queen visits. I’ve started replacing crackers for yogurt and fruit when I can, too. I’m trying! If anything, the new doc has presented me with a challenge and I’m workin’ on it!

Wow, 30 weeks, 10 weeks to go! Seems like a pretty big milestone. It still seems like so far off into the future, but it’ll go by fast. Shits gonna get real from here on out. And by real I mean blah, uncomfortable, huge, and achey until baby boy arrives. Then I can finally enjoy a glass of wine! This gives me something to hold onto…well, that and the excitement over meeting my baby!


4 Comments on New celebrity moms and their skinny post-partum bodies are doing REAL moms a disservice. Plus, check out my 30-week baby bump!

  1. You must remember most of these celebs are having surgeries right after they give birth. Tummy tucks, lifts, etc. it’s definitely not just working out and not eating. Try not to be hard on yourself, you look GREAT! In life you have to give a little (your ideal figure) to get a lot (a life).

  2. I agree for the most part, but I’ve had some friends that have had babies in the last year or so and I swear they were right back down to their normal size, OR SMALLER, just a few weeks after baby was born. I think everyone is different and unfortunately, it’s not as easy for some as it is for others. Having said this, keep in mind, I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby and am desparately hanging on to the dream of having my pre-baby body back ASAP! 🙂

    PS – i love your blog and you look awesome! dont’ give up the magnum bar EVERY night! 🙂

  3. Amen! This post really rings true for me. I didn’t gain too much weight, but I don’t have a lot of time to work out with a baby right now. You said it best when you say it’s a disservice to women to make it seem natural, healthy or usual to look like you’ve never had a baby just 6 weeks postpartum.

    You look great, keep the blog posts comin!

  4. I think we forget that celebrities have access to everything & their money gives them the best doctors,surgeons(yes do u really thing they are blessed with all the good genes ?!),dermatologists & everything else.In the real world us moms have to deal with the reality that having children changes your body permanently,nothing looks the same & we have to work our asses off for close to a year to get that body back !!! sorry but as a mom,I know that cosmetic procedures will make me happy with my body again & I intend to get my ‘repairs’ done & be happy with myself ! live laugh & love yourself…

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