imagesCAHHAAVSThe first time you’re pregnant you have no idea what you’re doing, and you might find yourself giving into every last yummy food craving to satiate your growing appetite. It’s not like you’d eat like this if you weren’t pregnant, but being pregs sort of feels like a free pass to over indulge on your favorite foods and Wendy’s Frostys.  (Ok, maybe the Frostys was just my thing?!) But honestly, you don’t really care because hey, you’re PREGNANT! Sure, you get weighed every month at the doctor’s office and you may get a little side eye by the nurse who weighs you if you’ve shot up 5-10 lbs. since your last visit, but you just secretly curse her in your head (That biyotch!) and move on. Chick Fil-A is waiting for you on the other side of this appointment. Then the cruel realty hits you two days after giving birth when you leave the hospital still looking seven months pregnant, and a month later you have that lovely postpartum muffin top that just won’t quit. Only then will you be all; why the hell did I eat so much when I was pregnant?

So all that happened to me the first time I was pregnant, and I was bound and determined to not make the same mistakes in my second pregnancy. As soon as I saw that “pregnant” sign on the preggo stick 18 months after having Annabelle, I knew exactly what I’d do differently. I won’t over indulge and sit on my ass for 9 months! I set out to be as active as possible and eat lots of fruits and salads and really relish in a smaller, less uncomfortable pregnancy this time around.

I was on a beautiful skinny preggo track up until I moved from California to Indiana. Then it all went to hell in a hand basket. I was mildly (ok maybe a lot) depressed about my move and I was indulging in yummy foods and Dairy Queen to make me forget California. (I wish I could say that helped!) My gym workouts and hour long daily dog walks went from four days per week to one, maaaaaybe two. Needless to say, when I had my first appointment in Indianapolis with my new doctor six weeks later I had gained a lot more than I should have… in the ballpark of 13 lbs. I know, I know, bad Courtney. The new doc let me know I should def slow the weight gain down so I took this as a challenge. I decided to cut out my daily Magnum ice cream bars and I’ve tried to pay more attention to my food intake. I’ve probably eaten ice cream once or twice in two weeks, which is not bad for a pregnant girl in her final trimester! I’ve even made an effort to be a little more active between the gym and dog walking than I had been, so I have def been trying. I hoped that this would mean a nominal weight gain in the last two weeks, so not to get “the talk” again from my doctor.

According to Babycenter, by now I should be gaining about a pound a week because the baby is really filling out now. So I braced myself for the scales at the doctor’s office today and hopped on. I’d gained 2 lbs., which falls in line with the typical weight gain at this point. Then comes the doctor… She measures my belly, which is measuring big for my stage in pregnancy, and asks me how I feel, big or small? WTF am I gonna say to this, Oh I feel so tiny, doc! She then told me that I’ve gained 32 lbs. so far and I’m really only supposed to gain 30 lbs. in pregnancy total. That pissed me off because that’s a nice round number to give pregnant girls as a “typical weight gain”, but I’ve never met anyone who actually only gained 30 lbs. in pregnancy. I mean, even Kourtney Kardashian gained 43 lbs. and she’s tiny! C’mon! Maybe if I was a really skinny girl to begin with I’d remain pregnant skinny and only gain 25-30 lbs., but I’m not that girl. Then the doctor asked me if I had a lot of people asking me if I was due any minute!!!! WHAT THE HELL, LADY??? Little Miss Preggo is sensitive over here, could you please not step all over my feelings? Thanks.

The truth is that I feel much better about this pregnancy than I did my previous pregnancy because I gained 57 lbs. with Annabelle. I was bigger at this stage in the game with her, so I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself this time around. I said this to my doctor and she said; yes, but Annabelle was only 7 lbs….implying that the rest was just unnecessary weight, so I was a naughty preggo back then, too! What does she expect me to do, stop gaining weight from here on out? Lose weight??? I can guarantee that I will continue to gain more weight in the next 9 weeks as my baby continues to fill out and prepare for birth.

I wanted to cry when she left. And then I wanted to change doctors. So when I made my next appointment in two weeks I asked for another doctor. I felt bad that my doctor would see me schedule with someone else and she’d be offended, but I reminded myself that it’s my right to feel comfortable with my OBGYN. I don’t know, maybe I’m being overly sensitive. She wasn’t being “mean” or harsh, just straight forward in her soft-spoken manner, but I felt like she was delicately weight shaming me and I did not like it – especially because I genuinely feel like I’ve done a better job this time around. Hey, give a girl some credit for somethin!

Am I being too sensitive, or should I give my new doctor another chance?

Baby bump watch continues – week 31!

photoAfter all that weight talk I know you’re dying to see my baby bump. Yes, I have a basketball in my belly. Hell, maybe I’m gonna have a big ole 8+ pounder like Kate Middleton. Would that be so bad?

I suppose with nine weeks to go it’s about time we start getting our baby nursery together. I know it takes about 2-3 weeks to receive your new baby furniture once it’s ordered, so we better hop to it. In the last month and a half that we’ve been in Indy we’ve spent a fortune on home upgrades and new furniture. Just when we feel like it’s time to shut off the cash well for a while, we’re reminded that we still have to set up the nursery! Oops, what’s another $1,500? Remember the new house money pit I blogged about a few weeks ago? Yep, it’s never ending.

8 Comments on There’s nothing like being weight shamed by a new doctor. (Ya, it sucks.) Plus, check out my 31 week baby bump!

  1. New doctor!!!! I get the telling you to slow down when you gained 13 pounds(I had that talk once as well), but making you feel like crap when you only gained two in two weeks, no way. I think you look great from your pictures, I hate it that a doctor is making you feel bad.

  2. If you don’t feel comfortable with your current Obgyn you have the right to change doctors. It’s not important what the doctor feels, it’s important how you feel. Btw; you look amazing!

  3. I would change doctors A.S.A.P., thats crap the things coming out of her mouth! You look great and no one would know you were preggo if you were sitting at a table across from them. It’s all in the belly! I know what you mean about missing Cali. not that I have ever lived there, but your Cali is my WI. It’s hard to make a big change, especially when you had everything going for you.
    Don’t get me wrong I do love living by both our families, but I felt that I had everything except my family and now I feel that I only have my family. Change can sometimes be hard, but we have to make the most of it!

  4. Stacy, you pinned the nail on the donkey with how I felt about California. I felt like I had it all (so to speak), except my family was far, far away. And moving here I feel like I have my family nearby but no longer have that full feeling of “having it all”. And I don’t mean big houses and stuff, just the feeling of contentment about the space you’re in in life. Hopefully I’ll find that again soon in Indy.

  5. Yeah, she’s def a biyotch. She should have focused on what a good job you’ve done in the last month and encouraged you to keep up the good work! The questions she was asking you are ridiculous! And you look truly amazing in your pictures!

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