20130922-mileycover-x600-1379956938I’ve had it up to here with the new Miley Cyrus. I seriously can’t take it anymore. It’s like waaaaaaaay too much chocolate syrup dumped on a really tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s over kill. Hasn’t anyone taught Miley that a little bit can go a long way? Like, I don’t know, her MOTHER? She doesn’t need to shove her crotch and boobies and gross tongue in our faces so violently. It’s so off-putting. And it leaves me wondering where the hell her mother is right now. I mean, the girl is only 20 years old, it’s not like she’s really even a woman yet. She’s barely out of her teens, come on. She needs guidance in the worst way!

You’ve all seen her amped up borage of nakedness in the past several weeks, right? Between her latex twerking foam finger VMA performance, to her “Wrecking Ball” video, the naked Rolling Stone cover, and now her drug sporting, tongue waging, legs wide open video “23”I’ve had it! I can’t see another naked image of Miley. Talk about being wildly irresponsible with your image and your fans. This girl has no damn clue. I understand that she wants to run like the wind from her former Hannah Montana image and be taken seriously as an adult artist, but there’s a way to do that with a natural progression into the world of sexy, which is 1,000% not what she’s doing now. She has to recognize that the majority of her fan base is young girls. With that comes responsibility, like it or not. Not too long ago and she seemed to really care about being a role model, but as of late, she has absolutely stopped caring what those little girls are seeing on TV.

e5b0d4c3454c2872798716fff642ba8bb7076987_previewI wondered if maybe I was being judgey, so I showed my husband the Wrecking Ball video and a pic of her at the I Heart Radio concert wearing black nipple pasties and asked if all that was sexy. His face said it all. He re-iterated what I already knew – that’s so not sexy. I’d give a girl props if she was hot, but this just isn’t. It’s awkward because Miley is still so young. It feels very teen porny, which is uncomfortable. The aggressive level of which she’s thrusting her new image down our throats is tacky and I’m begging for her mother to step in and talk some sense into her daughter! Gah!

Baby bump watch continues – week 38!

photoPreggo’s getting all worked up over Miley! Simmah down, mama.

<—Sorry this pic is blurry. I could not, for the life of me, take a still picture yesterday! OK, I cannot believe I only have two weeks before baby boy arrives and we’re a family of four. It still does not seem real to me and I hope I’m prepared for it. I don’t know if you can ever really be prepared, but I def feel like I was 100% ready for Annabelle to come along because I’d read a series of baby books, taken the classes, read a million articles etc. – I was as prepared as any first time mom could be. But as a second time mom, all I’m going on is my past experience. I hope it’s enough to get me through those first few weeks with a newborn AND a toddler!

I was at the gym yesterday and some guy told me that I was a tough woman for still hitting up the gym. I told him I only had two weeks left and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t feel great! It’s so weird to me that I’m going to the gym twice a week right up until I deliver my baby, yet after the baby I’m not supposed to start working out again for six weeks. That’s such a long time! I needed that time to heal after delivering AB, but I also stopped working out with her at 30 weeks pregnant. I’m hoping because I’ve remained so active that perhaps I can bounce back a bit sooner this time. Time will tell!

I’ve had my last pedicure before baby and will be getting my last shellac and brow wax this weekend. Gotta get some last minute grooming in because not sure when I’ll be able to steal away again. Still need to pack my hospital bag which I’m WAY late on, as well as install the infant car seat and we’re all set. The doctor checked me today and said I’m only ½ a centimeter dilated, so I’ll likely be repeating history and getting another induction. I guess I just make such a comfy little home in my belly for babies that they just never wanna leave. Oh well. I suppose it’s good that I know exactly what I can expect this time around if I repeat history. If that’s the case, I better also get to sleep through my entire labor with an epidural and push for 25 minutes again. That would be SAAAA-WEET.

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  1. I COMPLETELY agree about Miley. Eww! She is trying too, too hard to be this bad girl and it seems desperate. I actually like her song, Wrecking Ball, but the video is just not good. Poor girl needs a guidance just like you said.

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