mommy-datingI’ve been officially “mommy dating” for about a month now and so far it’s going……..ok. For those unaware, mommy dating is when mommies go out to parks and malls and mommy play dates set up on the Internet and hope to find friends. I feel like it’s similar to online dating, except instead of just looking at people’s pictures, sizing them up, and then sending them a little “wink” and a possible email, which is like 3rd base, you just bypass all those steps and meet up blindly. It’s blind dating for sure. Mommies have to have balls to do this on the regular.

Picture this: I was at a sausage fest (yes, that was the name of the event!) enjoying the evening watching Annabelle jumping in the bounce house, when a tall exotic mama walked up to me and complimented my little cutie pie’s adorableness. We struck up a nice conversation, all the while my husband and my two college besties watched from the sidelines taking bets on whether I’d “score” with this one. They wondered whether I needed a wing man for support and my husband thought I was putting the full court press on her. After chatting for 20 minutes it was time to part ways. Here comes the awkward part… do I ask for her number? WHAT, AM I FREAKING MAN!!!!!?? How totally awkward is it to ask a complete stranger for her number and it’s another chick! I do have my Stella & Dot business cards which are easy to whip out and hand off to these potential mommy friends, but there are no guarantees that I’ll get a call or email for a play date in the future. I just have to find 20 seconds of courage to pass out that card, or ask for the damn number. I had another situation today which required the passing off of my biz card after a nice conversation at the Children’s Museum. It turns out this mama was from the exact place I just moved from in California. Small world! I totally thought we could be friends so I handed her my card. Will she call or email? Idk. Now it’s on her to take that awkward leap and contact me to hang out later. Nobody likes awkwardness or rejection, so that’s why a lot of these potential mommy relationships have a failure to launch.

I realize looking back on my time in California that I was being perused by other mommies but I was too busy to notice. I was working full time and had my weekends full of family and friend time, so I wasn’t looking for new friends. Yet, I’d have instances where a nice mom would strike up a convo with me, we’d friend each other on FB with the promise to hang out, but alas, the relationships just couldn’t survive the fear of awkwardness and rejection that ensues when attempting to make plans.

I feel like I’m on the verge of finally creating a life for myself here in Indiana, and throwing myself into these blind mommy play dates with abandon has definitely helped. It sucks a little that these groups are so big that you rarely see the same mom at future events, but nonetheless, I’m trying! I told my good college friend here in Indy that I don’t think I’ve met my friend soul mate yet, but hopefully I would soon. She informed me that she is already my soul mate, and watching me trying to pick up other moms feels like I’m cheating right in front of her! HA! Geez, I didn’t mean to make her jealies, but she works full time and I totes need a daytime soul mate like any other SAHM. But anyway, I really do feel like I’m on the cusp of friend explosion, which makes me very happy.

Baby bump watch continues – week 35

photoOMG, 5 weeks left! I’m pretty sure I’ll go late like I did with Annabelle. They say your second labor is usually similar to your first, which wouldn’t be a problem for me, considering I slept through my entire labor (thanks to an epidural!), and pushed 4 times for about 25 minutes! But before these next 5 weeks fly by I need to start getting the dang nursery decorated. So far we have a crib set up and a dresser sitting in a box. Still need a glider and décor and odds and ends to finally feel like we’re ready. It’s funny how prepared you are in advance for your first baby, but then the second baby comes and you’re all; I’ll get to it when I get to it. Well I think it’s finally time to get to it!! Can you believe I’m having a baby in 5 weeks? I know me either!

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  1. UGHH I wish you lived in NYC so we could be mommy BFFs! With baby #2 I’m going to be a SAHM (not preggers yet) but I’m so afraid of being bored out of my mind when that time comes. I saw on your IG pics that you love babyGap. I LOVE BABYGAP!!! See? It was meant to be! SIGH.
    OK – done being creepy stranger on your blog. You still look fab. Countdown begins! Good luck!

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