mzl_wvupmlbz_175x175-75The countdown to baby has officially begun now that I’m less than one week away from having my baby boy.  The doctor’s predict history will likely repeat itself and I’ll be induced a second time, but you never know. Part of me sort of likes the idea of being induced because I’ll know exactly when the day is, will be able to calmly drive to the hospital, make sure I have everything, etc. There’s comfort in knowing what you can expect when you repeat history. Going into labor on my own and having my water break are scary unknowns that I’m not sure that I care to experience at this point. At first I used to think I wanted that natural experience, but when I read about staying home during “false labor” and waiting until real labor begins to head to the hospital, it makes me nervous. Will I know the difference between false and real labor? Will I cry wolf and run to the hospital only to be sent home? I have no idea.

Pre-school, where have you been all my life?

The idea of being a stay at home mom with a toddler and infant scares me. So we decided now was a good time to start Annabelle in a little pre-school program a couple days a week. It will give her some much needed social time, some age appropriate learning, and it’ll give me some bonding time with just me and my little guy.

We started Annabelle in pre-school on Tuesday and I’m happy to say it was a tear-free drop off and she barely looked back at mama. The balloons covering the floor were enough to make her forget I exist. I’ll tell ya, having those 4 hours all to myself was pretty awesome and it made me wonder why the hell I didn’t do this sooner. Today, I relished in shopping child-free and taking my time trying on lip glosses I’m never going to wear at Sephora, and looking at skinny people’s clothes at Gap that I’m not going to be wearing for quite some time. It was heaven.

So far Annie is doing a great job in pre-school and seems to love the social time with other kids. I’m thinking we’ll be boosting her to the 3-day program pretty soon if all continues to go well. Plus, I like to shop kid-free. Oh wait, I’m going to have a newborn stuck to the hip soon. Oh ya. But they sleep a lot, so shopping should still be somewhat easy. . . . . . . . . (I hear you laughing!!)

Fantasizing about murdering my dog

photo(53)I know all you dog lovers out there are going to shame me for saying this, but I understand now why people give away their dogs when they have kids. There are just some dogs out there that don’t take change well. Some dogs just go with the flow. Give them a comfortable bed to rest on, a bowl full of food, and a tummy rub a couple times a day and they’re golden.

My dog is not that type of dog. My 53 lb. Viszla wants to be carried around in a Baby Bjorn all day, to make out with me for an hour, go on three hour walks, hold hands while he shits, and stand between me and my toddler at all times. He literally drives me NUTS. With his barking and nervous nelly antics, I’m convinced he’s more of a handful than my toddler! I’ve gotta get him on some doggie Xanax. New homes are being built in our neighborhood and I practically have to choke him out to get him to go to the bathroom outside because he’s so scared of loud noises. Sadly, due to decreased attention and exercise as a result of our cross-country move, Indy has been seeking attention — good or bad. He’s now digging through the trash when we’re gone, which is something he hasn’t done since he was a puppy. His biggest offense is fishing out dirty diapers from Annabelle’s Diaper Dekor and tearing them into smithereens on the carpet. He does this when we’re gone. I came home yesterday and there was a poopy diaper torn up all over my daughter’s floor. My BRAND NEW CARPET!! I then cleaned the entire house. Today while I was sitting in the living room he boldly goes into her room and pulls out not one but THREE diapers and shreds them again. I literally wanted to cry when I stumbled upon the mess. I put him in his crate for 40 minutes and had to have my mom talk me off the ledge. I just wanted to call our breeder in California and ask her to take him back. The list of his transgressions is longer than tearing up the trash. He’s an escape artist and a loud-ass barker. I can kiss newborn naptime goodbye before they even begin`!! Deep down I don’t really want to get rid of Indy, but I just wish he could go live at my parent’s house or a friend’s house and I can visit when I want. I know, I know, it sounds awful. Bless his heart, he’s fantastic with Annabelle, but I worry about how much worse his antics are going to get with the addition of baby #2. Lord help meh!

New baby mobile!

Now that we’re going to have two car seats in our car and a revolving door of visitors between family and friends, we want a vehicle that has captain seats in the second row. We’d like to make use of the third row to take people around town all in one car. This is called a cross over SUV, which is the new solution to minivans. We hope to accomplish this car purchase before baby arrives, and then I can cross off the last thing on my to-do list – installing the infant car seat.

Baby bump watch continues – week 39!

photo(52)It’s so odd to feel so different at the end of this pregnancy vs. how I felt with Annabelle. I was praying to go into labor as early as possible the first time due to major sciatic nerve back pain and restless nights, but this time I’m just chillin’, feeling good. No back pain at all, which has been fantastic. I really credit my continuing to exercise and staying busy until the very end to why I’ve had such an easy, uneventful pregnancy. Let’s see how all this exercise helps me get through labor! There’s a chance I could have a baby before my next blog post, so if I do, I’ll talk to you on the other side. If I don’t, I’m sure I’ll be complaining to you a week from today that I’m STILL pregnant. 🙂

2 Comments on Countdown to baby: New car, pre-school, and wringing my dog’s neck! Check out my 39 week baby bump!

  1. I’m super super happy to have found your blog today! I’m just newly pregnant with #2 and freaking out slightly. To put it another way, I found your blog when I googled “how to manage a toddler and a newborn without losing my mind”. Definitely going to be following your journey and picking up some tips! Good luck with everything!!

  2. Glad you found my blog, too, Jackie! Hope you get some fun tips out of it…and tip number 1 from me is don’t stress. It’s soooooo not as bad as I thought it would be with a newborn and a toddler. It’s been pretty breezy actually. Famous last words, but so far so good! 😉

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