keep-calm-i-m-still-pregnant-1Lucky, lucky me – I’m still pregnant! Are you jelly of my ability to stay pregnant longer than the average human?

I don’t know if I should consider it a compliment that babies don’t want to leave my womb on time after 40 whole weeks of pregnancy, but I’m just going to think of it like one. Go me! Babies just love my insides because obvy it’s super homie. Those moms that spit out their little pumpkins a week or two early aren’t as lucky as I am to have a stage 5 clinger that practically needs to be extracted from my body. I love being pregnant so much that I could just be pregnant for another month – hell, why not make it a whole year? We’re almost there anyway, it’s fine.


All kidding aside, I’m not dying to get the baby out. I have no major aches and pains and no sciatic nerve drama. And I’m still hitting the gym twice a week – I even worked out today, on my due date! That being said; as it was with my first pregnancy, it’s super anti-climactic to see your due date come and go with no baby. I think the reason why I’m not pissy and annoyed about still being preggo is because I’m trying to enjoy and take in life with our little family of three in these final days.

Until you’ve been there, I don’t think anyone can truly be prepared for what it’s like to go from one kid to two. As parents, we’re moving to a man to man defense. No double teaming one kiddo because that leaves one kid wide open under the basket ready to score for the kid team. I used to play basketball, can you tell by my analogy?

I pray that we have a healthy, happy, and quiet baby that has a single mission in life to be easier than his sister. And that’s a lofty goal because Annabelle was an easy baby. Of course what this really means is that it’s not fair for god to give us two easy peasy babies, so it’s inevitable that this next one will be a little hellion. SUPER!

It’s the last baby bump watch – week 40!

photo(54)Here I am in all my 40 weeks of pregnancy glory. Looking back, this has been such a fantastically uneventful pregnancy. I thought my first experience was pretty easy, but this takes the cake. It was to the point where I could pretty much forget I was preggo because I’ve never been incapable of doing things and my energy has been high the whole time. I hope this trend remains the same as I go through labor and delivery a second time. Speaking of labor and delivery, I’m a little nervous to go through it again because now I know what to expect. I know the stuff I’m dreading, which is all of it, except the part where they hand me a beautiful baby. If I just break it down and think of it as one day (or less) of my life that I’ll be in pain and discomfort than I can handle it. I mean, think how fast a typical day goes by. I should be just fine.

I can’t say definitively if this is my last pregnancy and I’m done at two, I guess it just depends on how two kids feels. I’ve only ever pictured myself with two kids, but the idea of giving my Annie B. a little sister does sound adorable. But as of now the idea of being preggo again sounds horrendous because it’s such a longass period of time – almost a year of no alcohol, boo. But obvy time erases our memories and we forget about the weight gain, back pain, labor pain, post-partum pain, breastfeeding pain, and lack of sleep, and we do it all over again!

It’s been a pleasure sharing this journey with you over the last 9 months (really, it’s 10). Talk to you on the other side – with a baby boy in the mix!

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