sameoldthing_nh2o-660x330Can I be honest with you? The newborn stage of parenthood is sort of…boring. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s the same ole, same ole every day, making me feel like I’m living Groundhog’s Day over and over again – different day, same exact stuff. You know the saying “variety is the spice of life?” Well, I haven’t had any spice in WEEKS. I’m dying for some spice in my life!

After 5 weeks of pretty much doing the same thing every day I’m so ready for some adventure, surprise, and if anything, a few hours of uninterrupted shopping time. I mean, I’m not even talking about spending hours at the mall. An extended trip to CVS sounds amazing. Each week since childbirth my weekly outings consist of going to the gym a couple times, visiting the chiropractor to fix my fractured tailbone as a result of childbirth (which isn’t working!), eating out once or twice, and going to church on Sundays. I spend loads of time at home sitting around nursing baby Leo, changing two kids’ dirty diapers, giving baths, and watching Finding Nemo. Thankfully my husband has been able to work from home a lot in these first weeks with a newborn, which has allowed me some much needed gym/ME time while he hangs with the kids. But there’s no messing around when I venture out without the baby. Because I’m nursing I’m on a time table with the little guy. I have about 2 hours to leave before his little belly starts growling and Jeff is shooting eye daggers at me when I walk in the door and he’s holding a whaling baby.

Breastfeeding is my ball and chain

As a breastfeeding mama, I’m living my life in 3 hour intervals. Whatever I do I have to plan where I’m going to be during the next feeding, which I didn’t bother doing today while out with Leo. I spent WAY too much time at Target enjoying walking the aisles while Leo slept and ended up with a screaming baby in the check out line.  So of course I had to sit in my car in the parking lot and nurse for like 30 minutes. It’s not convenient and it’s times like these that I wish I just had a formula bottle to pop in his mouth to hold him over until we’re back home.

Despite the inconvenience, I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding and am happy to say that Mr. Leo has been successfully gaining weight and plumping up to a healthy 12 lbs. by his one month appointment. This is a nearly 5 lb. weight gain since we left the hospital! That excites me because with my daughter I wasn’t producing breast milk fast enough and I had to supplement with formula. I’d always have formula on hand if she still seemed hungry after a feeding or if we were out and about and nursing wasn’t convenient. There’s nothing wrong with formula, obviously, I’m just happy that this time around I’m able to produce enough that I can sustain baby Leo on my own. That being said; it’s def more of a drag to exclusively nurse and not be able to leave him with a grandparent so we can have a date night without rushing home for a feeding. Because of this it’s just easier to stay home most of the time……..Like I said; boring.

Me with two kids in public with no help – AHH!

I did decide to mix it up last week by venturing out to the Children’s Museum with both kids BY MYSELF. All went very well until I made the amateur mistake of exiting the museum through the toy store. I didn’t have my double stroller with me so Annabelle had free rein. As you can imagine she was darting everywhere, filling up her little arms with as many toys as she could carry. When I attempted to grab her to leave she threw the biggest tantrum of her 2 year old life! I had Leo in the Baby Bjorn on my chest and I had to bend down and pick up her screaming, rigid-body and carry her sideways on my hip while her shoes were falling off and people were staring with envy. I’m so glad Leo didn’t fall out of the baby carrier during this debacle! I was kicking myself for attempting the toy store, especially since we were way beyond nap time. It’s my fault, really. Through trial and error I’m learning what works and doesn’t work though, so I’ll keep trying to go out with the kids and find a rhythm that works for us.

Before I know it Leo will be a big boy and we’ll be on the go all the time and I won’t have the same fears of the random crying eruptions and clingyness that comes along with the newborn stage. But just when he gains a little independence, watch me miss his infancy and want to start all over with a third baby!! AHH! That’s why we get preggo a second time, go through childbirth again, and trudge through the newborn stage with children…..because we FORGET the growing pains of these stages and do it all over again. And I’m sure all this will be a distant memory with Leo soon……………which actually makes me a little sad. Doing my best to enjoy it while it lasts, while venting to you along the way to keep my sanity!

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  1. This is exactly what I’m worried about!! I am pregnant with our second, and my son is turning 2 in a few weeks. I’ve already had several hormonal ‘I cant do this’ moments with him since I’m still in the sick status of my pregnancy. I know people with multiple kids do it, and I can too, but ugh, I know the next several years are going to be ROUGH!!!!

  2. That’s why we get mommy brain.. to forget those times..
    We are currently thinking of #2.. or maby shouldn’t? #1 is 19 month now.
    🙂 yeah why not 🙂
    (love your blog)

  3. Thanks, Christine! Go ahead and have another. We all forget the hard parts in due time anyway!! 😉

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