SurrenderI recently blogged about how boring the newborn stage of parenting is and how I wish I had a little more time to get out of the house and run free. Well friends, the theme continues… but this time I’ve decided I have no choice but to surrender to parenthood. I need give up the fight for my freedom, because it’s gone, baby, gone – for now at least.

My latest bout with having a new baby is dealing with infant acid reflux… or is it colic? All I know is that my little man cries his face off so hard sometimes that I wonder if he’s breathing, and when I put him on the boob to soothe him even that becomes a stressful cry fest. The boob is supposed to be home base! He has a lot of signs of infant acid reflux, such as inconsolable crying, discomfort, trying to crawl up my chest when I’m holding him, bubbles at the mouth, hiccups, etc. At first we just thought he was a needy baby. But after seeing this really great video created by a mom with two kids with acid reflux, I’m convinced this is what he has. And I felt terrible that I didn’t get it checked out sooner.

I took him to the doctor and he asked me if he seems to cry at specific times, which he sort of does. He’s super happy in the mornings, smiling and cooing like crazy in the last week, which I love. But as the day wears on into the evening he gets fussier and fussier, sometimes crying inconsolably. Here we are at the end of the day, trying to relax and enjoy our evening once Annabelle is in bed, and this is when Leo decides to give us hell. I’m all; “Leo, can’t you see I need to write a blog post?” As if he cares. The doctor said Leo may have acid reflux, or he may have a little bit of colic. In the mommy video above she said she wanted to punch anyone in the face who suggested her baby might have colic, which apparently she doesn’t think is a thing. My father-in-law asked me if I thought Leo had a little bit of colic and it was like a punch in the gut. I felt bad labeling him as a colicky baby because you always hear horror stories of colic. I didn’t want Leo to have anything wrong with him or just accept that he was going to be inconsolable and we just needed to deal with it. Our pediatrician gave us a prescription for Zantac and said not to get our hopes up. Of course I’m getting my hopes up.

1472026_10152013127757964_1282717400_nWe’re on day two of Zantac twice a day and Jeff swears there’s already a difference. I have to admit I kind of agree. He seems happier in general, more content, and he’s sleeping a lot more. No joke, he slept 8 ½ hours straight last night!!! I actually had to wake him up because my boobs were going to explode! He slept 7 hours the night before, and he’s been sleeping 5-6 hour stretches for about a week already. I’m hoping we’ve just hit the consistently sleeping through the night milestone. I really hope in two weeks when we go back to the doc we can come with positive news that the Zantac is working.

Hi, mom. Remember me? – Your FIRST BABY, ANNABELLE

1456054_10151986930882964_1176984561_nLet’s not forget that we still have a nearly 2 ½ year old toddler, too. And yes, she’s squarely in the terrible twos. She breaks down into tantrums on a regular basis these days. Talk about Leo being inconsolable, Annabelle can get crazy inconsolable and the only thing that can snap her out of it is a cartoon! I think it’s just a cry for attention, mainly. Little Miss has done a fantastic job adjusting to life  with a little brother, but sometimes she just loses it. I’ve learned to not give a shit what anyone thinks when we’re in public. I just don’t make eye contact with passersby’s’ in the midst of a tantrum and it’s like no one is noticing.

One major milestone that is knocking on our door is potty training. Annabelle will be 2 ½ soon and I really want to get her potty trained. I’ve heard most kids are trained between 2 ½ and 3, so we need to get serious about this. We’ve had a potty seat since before she was two but she just hasn’t shown any interest. I thought a way to get her interested in potty training was to give her some Disney Princess underwear. I busted out a new pack and she got so excited. I told her she could wear a pair if she went pee pee in the potty, and I’d even give her some M&Ms. She was SO IN. So I sat her on the potty and sang potty songs to her. I made one up and it’s pretty catchy. To my glee, a tiny bit of pee tricked out. YAY! She got to put on her princess undies and had some M&Ms. She danced around the living room which was totes adorbs and I told her several times that she needed to tell me the next time she had to go potty because she’s not supposed to go in her underwear. Within 10 minutes Little Miss was standing in a puddle of pee in the kitchen saying; “UH OH.”

Ay yi yi. I guess I’ll try again later. Let me just get through the holidays and our New Years’ resolution will be to potty train Annie. Forget getting my pre-baby body back being my goal. It’s all about the kiddies these days. My life is incredibly sexy, I can’t take it. *sighs*

As I said; I am surrendering to parenthood. It’s not about me right now. It’s not gonna be about me for at least the next few months until Leo has some level of skills that make our lives somewhat easier. For now, I’ll settle for cry free evenings and toddlers in princess panties. That sounded weird. I hate the word panties.

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