article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a05-ih-u6-lose-belly-fat-cure-diet-800x800-525x347Week one of “Operation: Lose the Baby Weight” is officially in the books. This week I re-joined Weight Watchers and made work out “dates” with my friend Kate to hit the gym 2-4 days a week in January. We are each other’s accountability partner so we check in daily to see how we’re doing with eating, exercising, and weight loss. And I’m thrilled to say I have a surprising new Weight Watchers accountability partner and teammate added to the mix – my husband Jeff!

I have not seen Jeff on a diet for like 12 years. He works out about 4 days a week, but he’s never cared to watch what he eats or cut back on anything. Yet for some reason this time around he’s intrigued by the Weight Watchers Points Plus tracking system. I’m pretty sure it’s because tracking points in the WW phone app and scanning barcodes on foods to see the points is like a game. And he wants to WIN this game! I see him in the kitchen with my phone all day long scanning stuff in the pantry to see if he can eat it. This is so not like him, but I love it. It’s great to do this with your spouse; it makes it so much easier to stick with it. Plus, he’s enjoying cooking Weight Watchers recipes like the pot roast we had the other night, which was amaze. And I’m so glad his hard work is paying off this week because he’s down 5 lbs in week one! But anyway, enough about Jeff.

SO, this time around the points program is a bit more flexible for me because I’m an exclusively breastfeeding mama, so I get tons more daily points than the average non-BF’ing gal. Plus, if I work out I gain back activity points for the day to eat more food, and of course there’s the super awesome 49 bonus points we’re allotted each week. So if I hit up Olive Garden like I did last night, I can use some of those extra points without a heavy conscience.

It’s not just about the diet, though. I’m now making a point to work out at least 4 days per week instead of my old two days per week regimen. The past few days have been a little tough because we’ve been stuck at home due to severe weather travel restrictions. I’ve lead a very lazy existence because of this, which isn’t all that helpful when you’re trying to lose weight. I did manage to do a couple Tae Bo DVDs in my basement to get a work out in, and again, I was totes shocked when Jeff agreed to join me both days. WHO IS THIS GUY???? It’s nice to have a work out buddy for home DVDs because it keeps you honest with your effort level, but I have to say; I kept getting glimpses of Jeff in my peripheral vision and I wanted to die laughing in a way that made my legs feel like noodles. I’m pretty sure he was trying to make me laugh by embellishing all the movements, but aside from laughter, I also felt fear as I was anticipating a round house kick in the head because Jeff kept going the wrong direction. Ha, ok, I’m just kidding. Jeff isn’t like Jean-Claude Van Damme or anything, he can’t kick that high! But to be fair, I’m no aerobics DVD pro myself. I know I would make a casual viewer weak in the knees with laughter, too.

Weigh in day

I was so looking forward to weighing myself yesterday morning because I felt like I was going to have at least a 5 lb. weight loss. But I was a little disappointed to see that I only dropped 3.6 lbs. Hey, that’s def better than nothing and it’s over the standard WW weekly goal of 2 lbs. But when I did WW to lose the final 10 lbs after having Annabelle I lost 5 lbs. in week one. I ended up losing 10 lbs in 5 weeks total and it was so easy. This time around I’m 2 years older, and I’m not working at an office where I’m walking to and from the train, around the office, etc.  I’m sitting on my booty breastfeeding 6-7 times a day and folding laundry. I have a more sedentary lifestyle now. Boo.

I know this means that I need to pick up my general activity level during the day and hit the gym harder and more often. Plus, I need to stick with my ban on eating past 7pm. When I don’t eat after 7 I always feel lighter on my feet the next morning. Oh, and no alcohol through the week and a limited amount on the weekends. I’d rather eat my points than drink them!

My ultimate goal is to lose 25 lbs. to get back to pre-baby shape. I’d like to do this by May 1st, just in time for a couples’ trip to Key West that Kate and our husbands are planning to do as a treat to ourselves for losing all this weight! It does feel daunting, not going to lie. I’ve never set out to lose this much weight on Weight Watchers in the other three times that I’ve done it. Ten pounds has always been my goal, which is much more manageable. So I have an uphill battle for sure with lots of work ahead, but I’m motivated by pure vanity and skinny jeans, which are very powerful things.

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