brick-loud-noises-bWhen we purchased our house 8 months ago upon moving to Indianapolis we didn’t think we’d be in the middle of a major remodel so soon. We loved everything about our house, except for the master bathroom, which lacks a bathtub in place of a huge steam shower. I’m not really a fan of steam showers but we figured we’d eventually add a tub in a few years. Well, it turns out said steam shower was put in totally half-assed causing annoying leakage into our basement. UGH! So we decided instead of paying to fix it, we’d put in the bathroom we really wanted. SO, yesterday marked the first day of our month long renovation, and holy mother of two babies, it’s SO LOUUUUD!!!!!!!!

I have been dreading this process for weeks. I know that a month is such a splash in the pan in the grand scheme of things, but a month is a lot of time in a 4 month old baby’s life, and even for a 2 year old. Less desirable habits may form, while good habits can die quickly with the change.  We have temporarily relocated our daytime hang out spot to the basement, so all TV watching, napping, and playtime happens downstairs. We can be on the main level, but smelly cigarette smoking construction workers are in and out of the front door, causing my poor dog to practically die of mini anxiety attacks all day, so it’s best to stay away. My bedroom looks like it’s being quarantined right now, with plastic wrap covering everything with tape holding the plastic to the walls. Of course they re-use this plastic wrap for every job they do so it also smells like the cigarette smoking construction workers long after they’ve left. I desperately need to burn a nighttime candle in my bedroom to kill the stale smell of Winstons cigs.

P.S. I once dated a guy that smoked Winstons cigarettes and kissing him was like enjoying barf on a stick. The smell haunts me.

All this worry seems like it might be for nothing, so far though. In general, when the kids are sleeping I take great pains to tip toe around the house, closing doors quietly, and pretty much keeping it a sound free environment as much as possible. And the irony is that nap times for the last two days have gone off without a hitch despite the banging, clanging, and shattering going on just above us. Both kids took lengthy afternoon naps yesterday and both are sleeping as I type today! Of course they’d sleep right through that, but at nighttime if I walk on the squeaking hardwood floor just outside their bedroom door it’s game over – WAH, WA, WAHHHH!!

I really hope this month flies by. I hate feeling like a prisoner in my basement or like I should find reasons to be gone a lot. What do I do when I’m out and about usually? Spend money! Not good. A mere 30 minute trip to Target can run me $100+ and I don’t even know what the heck I buy. Kidding, I can never only go to Target for 30 minutes. But if the month goes anything like the last two days have, it shouldn’t be that bad. I’m sure it’ll be no time before I’m blogging about my new bathroom and how quickly the month has flown by. But dear God, I’m praying that the smokers “stench” doesn’t last for long after they’ve laid the last tile. It was in my nostrils all night last night as I slept next to plastic wrap. Gag me.

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