potty training updateSimilar to my last post on potty training, The TMI post you’re dying to read on POTTY TRAINING!!, this post could also verge on TMI. But I feel like if you’re a mom you can always have a conversation about poop, so anyway…


A little over a month ago I blogged about how we had successfully begun potty training our toddler, Annabelle, now 2 years and 10 months. She was doing very well, seemingly excited about going pee pee in the potty and thrilled to earn a jelly bean after each ‘deed’. I was even kind of amazed at her ability to go #2 so easily in the potty, especially since I had heard that tots may do well with going #1 on the potty, while they prefer to still go #2 in their pants for a while longer. Gross, I know. Why would anyone prefer that? Annabelle, however, was having like three poop parties a day in the potty! I mean, this is cray because we’d sometimes go days without her going #2 at all in her diaper. (God, I know, TMI.) I just figured that the realization that she didn’t have to sit in shit was so liberating for her that she was making up for lost time!

I was definitely a proud mama about our potty training success. And once Annie gained my trust I began the transition from Pull Ups to her cute little Old Navy butterfly panties. I hate the word panties for adults, but I feel like it’s fitting for little girls, m’kay?

But a few weeks into the process something happened – THE NOVELTY WORE OFF.

We went from about a 98% success rate, to sucking wind at like 65% within a few weeks. It went downhill quick when she started going #2 in her pants again. Do you understand how sick it is to clean caked in poo out of underwear? Trust me, it’s beyond. And it doesn’t help when she decides to do it 15 minutes before dance class starts and we’re on our way out the door. UGH. I honestly felt freaking sad about it. I had worked so hard at training her, so when she started regressing I was super frustrated by her indifference to going in her pants or the toilet.

Because you can never hear too many poop stories

I probably shouldn’t even mention the time she desperately wanted to take off her undies with cake poo in them that she yanked her pants down and I saw her knee pick up as if she was about to kick off the underwear. Everything happened in slow motion from here –> I ran to her, (cue slow-mo scary man voice), “ANNIE NOOOOOOOOO,” I dove towards her to try to catch her leg, but with one kick she flung the shitty under garmet into the air and it landed face down onto my carpet. Yes, it did. Let’s just say I might have been having the worst day on earth on the FIFTH day that my husband was out of town and I was home alone with two kids. It was actually the perfect way to end my day.

A couple weeks ago my husband and I took a much needed couples trip to Key West, which was super fun and very needed. (I said that already, didn’t I?) I called my mom to check in on Annie’s potty training and mom said; “Well, you’re just gonna have to start all over when you get home.” WHAT!!!!!!! She said I didn’t remind her about AB’s potty training in the detailed “care plan” I left for the kids and Annie is refusing to go on the potty. Lord, help meh! Let’s reset the damn clock. I do believe I’m single handedly keeping Pull Ups in business.

We’re now back on track with training, but I’m still having to tell her it’s time to go potty every hour, many times having to drag her kicking and screaming if she’s too busy watching a movie or playing. The kicker is, she’ll fight me on it and then pee a river the second her butt hits the stool!! Why does she fight it so much?? I do not get it. And at what point am I going to be able to rely on her taking herself to the potty without me reminding her? She still has accidents here and there, but I’m happy to say that she had a perfect potty training day today. (Success on the 56th day never felt so good.)

After nearly two months of potty training, I’m here to say that I seriously don’t believe anyone who says their kid was potty trained in three days. They might have gone from diapers to grasping the concept of peeing in the potty with great success within three days, but you can’t tell me a kid is 100% trained in that amount of time with no regression at all. I’m just praying that by the time we hit her 3rd birthday in July that she will be completely potty trained and Pull Ups are a thing of the past.

Potty training ‘aint for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. This is the most time consuming process with super proud moments and major bouts of disappointment for mama. Thank God I have another two years or so before I have to drudge through this again with my little man Leo. Who knows, maybe he’ll be easier to train because he’ll be used to seeing his big sister use the potty. A girl can dream, right?

2 Comments on Three day potty training — YA RIGHT. It’s a LIE, people!!

  1. Step away from the potty training – AB will not graduate High School in pull ups. Give it a rest for a month or more – try again in summer.
    This too will happen – take a breath.

  2. Ugh, the idea of stepping away from potty training and throw away all this hard work kills me! Part of me feels like if I just stopped reminding AB to go to the bathroom she’d have accidents, but she might eventually start telling me she wants to go to the potty, or even go on her own. Almost like, if I stopped bugging her she might actually think it’s “her idea” and then decide it’s time to exclusively use the potty. Who knows. But I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared to let go of all our progress, even if it is inconsistent!

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