photo(77)At 8½ months old, Leo is spending a lot of time rocking back and forth on all fours with an excited, breathy grunt that sounds like he knows his life is about to get a lot more interesting. Every day I happily encourage him to crawl to mama, while telepathically telling him to stay put. I want him to crawl to hit his milestones, but I don’t… not yet. Life is about to get a lot harder for me once he’s a mobile baby and I’m just not ready. It’s already a challenge to juggle a potty training toddler and a baby, and it’s nice when I can plop Leo Beo on the ground in the living room while I race Annabelle to the potty before an accident ensues. Once he’s crawling, I’ll look back at the spot I put Leo and he’ll be long gone. I remember the crawling stage with Annabelle being one of my least favorite, and she crawled around 8 ½ months as well.

Can we just talk about how incredibly blissful the 6 month baby stage is? The baby can finally sit up and mama’s arms get a break. They can play on the floor independently for a bit while you throw a load of laundry in, run to the bathroom, tend to your other kid, etc. It’s amazingly helpful to have them immobile. Crawling just sucks. There’s really no redeeming quality about it when I think about it. You’ve got to baby proof the house and not only is that expensive but it’s super boring busy work. We know we need to go get a baby fence for the staircase, but my husband is dragging his feet because he hates how tacky baby gates look. Um, HELLO, earth to Jeff, it’s time to surrender to parenthood. This is what I tell him all the time. His response is this: “You think our parents baby proofed for us? NO! And we turned out fine.” I asked my mom if she baby proofed and she looked at me like I was crazy and said YES I BABY PROOFED! Jeez Jeff, it’s not like we were born in the freaking 50s.

Even though he’s not crawling quite yet, Leo has found ways to get around, like lying on his belly, rolling and sitting up in a different spot. Sort of like an army crawl, if you will. Of course he always ends up right in front of an electrical outlet, or he’s swinging from the curtains (like he’s trying to do in the picture above!), or putting his clammy little baby hands all over the sliding glass doors. He’s already trying to pull himself up on anything he can grasp onto, which means wobbly decorative tables could pose a problem as well as every single opening drawer in our house. If you saw the amount of drawers in our kitchen alone you’d feel my pain. Not looking forward to attempting to convince Jeff that we need to add those little plastic drawer/cabinet stoppers that require drilling on everything. He’s gonna flip his lid. Pray for me.

Once we get through the crawling stage to the walking stage, life gets even worse in terms of having to watch my new tot 24/7, but in contrast to crawling, walking does have redeeming qualities. The ability to walk is a good thing; it has future mobility written all over it. I might even be ok if Leo never crawled and went straight to walking in a few more months. Some babies never crawl, but scoot or army crawl before walking instead. Fine with me.

I’m just trying to relish these last days before Leo takes off…which feels like the calm before the storm. There’s nothing cuter than setting him on the floor in his room before I leave to do a few things and come back and he’s just sitting there looking up at me all expectantly, happy to see me again in the same exact spot that I put him. I love that. This is about the time I’d like to hit the pause button and make him stay little forever. I’d like to put the pause button right next to the ‘off’ button for when I’m ready for him to take a long nap during the day so I can clock out of mommyhood for a couple hours. If only those buttons existed, right?

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