abLet’s just all admit that any kind of extravagance at a kid’s birthday party is 100% about what we want as parents — especially for kids under the age of five. Example being; if you have a freaking petting zoo and a DJ at your tot’s first birthday party that is just you showing off. Face it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except that it’s a little OTT (OVER THE TOP!). But hey, if your own first birthday was less than memorable I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to live vicariously through your child. I mean, I can’t remember mine AT ALL. That is why I’m going to throw Annabelle the most ridonculous princess party in the entire universe.

Of course in order to make this princess party happen the way I’m envisioning it I’ll need to start a funding campaign and begin hitting up all the relatives. Not kidding, Jeff asked me to hit up the grandparents to pay for my dream b-day party. Is he for real? That’s so tacky. I’d never. But I thought about it. So I decided to scale back. I guess we don’t need the Disney Princess themed bounce castle that will take up my entire backyard. I will just borrow the neighbor’s more modest bounce house that I’m sure has all the same bouncy qualities as the big expensive one.

I’ve literally spent every night in the last week pouring over the same 57 Disney princess themed customized birthday invitations on Etsy – talk about a time suck. They are super cute and whimsical, but I guess Annabelle isn’t going to really care. Mainly, I want to put one in her baby book as a keepsake. And also I want all her guests to be super impressed with her invitations. There, I said it. So I decided to forgo the labor intensive invites (who has time to track down addresses, label, and stamp 20 invites anyway?). Plus, no one RSVPs to paper invites anymore. Everyone is inherently lazy and that extra step to pick up the phone or email someone is too much bother. So I settled on an Evite. Done. I’ve also decided customized Thank Yous are a waste, too. See, I’m being so practical.

There is one extravagance that I cannot forgo though, as I think the sheer joy I will see on Annabelle’s face will be worth every penny… My little princess is going to get a special visit from her very best friend in the whole wide world – Cinderella! Now I know what you’re thinking… what kind of broke Cinderella is going to show up on my doorstep in a blue dress and a wig. I mean, I’m thinking that, too. I just hope she’s believable to a 3 year old. I’ve seen her pic online and she’s not totally crazy looking. It’s fine. Fingers crossies!

In addition to praying that Cinderella is a legit princess, I’m praying that Annabelle’s new outdoor play set arrives before her party. We ordered this thing thinking we had plenty of time and the effer is on backorder and might not get here before her party. That would seriously blow. I need more things for the kids to do!

I feel like I’m making too big of a deal about this whole birthday thing. I mean, she has at least a few more fun girly birthday parties in the future before she turns into a brat and wants to plan her parties herself. Ugh. I guess I’ll just have to wait until her 4th birthday to take her to the American Girl store in Chicago for a tea party and her first American Girl doll. It’s fine, she doesn’t even know what that doll is right now. That’s 100% about me wanting to experience that. And she doesn’t need a Build-A-Bear experience yet, that’s just me wanting one. And she doesn’t need a Barbie doll house yet, that’s just me again.

But she DOES need a big girl bed, as in, out with the toddler bed and in with the double bed and fairy princess bedding! Again, it’s totally me living vicariously through my daughter, but so what. What’s the fun in having a girl if you can’t do these things? I’m already planning her 4th birthday party at a nail salon with manis, pedis, and cake! I live for this.

IMG_2614Not that it matters to Annabelle, but I know a big part of my birthday enthusiasm this year has to do with the fact that I totally didn’t do anything for her second birthday. It got swept up in the chaos of our move to Indiana and it came and went with zero fanfare. Ok, I guess I baked her cupcakes. It wasn’t until a care package arrived from her Grammy that I realized she had totally developed a love of opening gifts. Too bad I didn’t even get her a gift! I’m a total failure as a mother. That’s why I’ve gotta make it up to her this year!

So bring on the princess party, the balloon artist, the bounce house, the big girl bed, the play set – I’ve got a lot of re-living my toddler years to do!!

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