5I know I’m not the first unsuspecting idiot to purchase a knock off item online, but it’s the first time it’s happened to me so I’m PISSED and have to share my experience with you…

Like many mothers of a young daughter, my little Annabelle LOVES the Disney movie Frozen. All she wanted for her 3rd birthday was the 20″ plush Elsa doll to add to her growing collection of stuffed princess dolls, which include Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Sofia. Well, of course Elsa is a HOT ticket item and you can’t find the doll in the Disney stores. So that means you gotta go online and buy it from some swindler praying on desperate parents trying to make their little ones happy, and charging double what the stupid doll is worth! I know, it’s just supply and demand and I’m the idiot willing to pay for it.

I heard that buyers needed to be aware of counterfeit Frozen dolls online, so when I went on eBay I did my best to comparison shop. I mostly went off of seller reputation, and the seller I chose had a pretty great reputation. I received the doll in a couple days and anxiously awaited Annabelle’s birthday so I could give it to her. I did think it was a little strange that Elsa’s hair braid seemed to be sewn to her neck, sort of blocking her face, but I hoped it didn’t signify a fake…


Annnnnd my nagging suspicion about the braid was right, because after a couple days I noticed that Elsa’s dress was coming apart at the seams at the bodice, and her lacy long sleeve dress cover was coming off the arms all together.

I felt wretched inside.

At the zoo some lady literally yelled at us from across the way; “OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DOLL? I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE!” I was somewhat startled by her volume and crazy bug eyes popping out of her head ogling my daughter’s Elsa doll. And then I felt like a total poser saying I got it from eBay. I should’ve tossed it at her and said; “Here, you can have it.”

I had had enough. Annabelle carries these dang princess dolls everywhere she goes, like a security blanket. I can’t have her carrying one that’s practically disintegrating after one week of use. I pictured Elsa being a quadriplegic doll in a month or so after the arms and legs have fallen off. Ugh!

So I contacted the seller and said I want my money back or a replacement doll as I believe what he sent me was a fake. I threatened his reputation on eBay, so he said “Ok, sorry for your trouble, I’ll send you a new doll, no need to return the old one.” I thought it was interesting how he didn’t refute my claim of it being a fake, but I was curious what he’d send me next. Sure enough, the second doll was the genuine Elsa. Not only was the quality far superior on the second doll, but so many details of the doll are completely different, from the dress, the hair braid location, her makeup, and tag location. His game is clear to me, he first sends the knock off item and then if the buyer complains he sends the real one. If no one complains he’s just made a cool 40 bucks for a fake Disney doll. He wins.

Will the real Elsa please stand up?


The real Elsa doll is on the left.


The Disney store tags are on the legs on the real Elsa.


Where did your sleeves, sparkly corset, and boobs go, Fake Elsa?

I ended up giving the seller a negative review and reporting him to eBay for selling counterfeit merchandise. I’m not sure if there’s anything that will be done here, but I just wanted to warn other parents to be extra cautious when spending your hard earned money on fake crap on eBay! Let my little situation be a lesson to you if you’re trying to locate any Frozen items online. Make sure you keep your eyes out for fakes as best you can, and know there are ways to get your money back on eBay even if it’s not through the seller but from eBay itself.


4 Comments on Getting swindled on eBay over COUNTERFEIT Frozen dolls!!

  1. Yes, it does, Matt. You’re missing the point. I was sold a terrible quality doll for twice the price of the real thing that would’ve been great quality! Its not so much about the brand, but the deceit that went into it the transaction. Shady & dishonest people shouldn’t be allowed to sell on eBay.

  2. Ohmiiiigosh!!! That’s awful!! Though I do understand. My mom was so excited to find the last Elsa doll at the disney store on the day they got their shipment that she was ready for an all out brawl from another lady in the store…. I also do understand his

  3. My comment was cut off:) was also going to say I understand the plush phenomena – i think we have 20 plush disney dolls and characters !

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