fitbit someecardsIt’s now February and I’m still going strong on my commitment to living a healthier, fit life style in the New Year. Go me! The vain girl translation of this is that I really just wanna be skinny while still drinking wine and eating Mexican, so my ass is pretty much living at the gym. Like I said; I’m committed to being a MILF my health.

For Christmas I got a Fitbit, which has literally changed my whole outlook on working out. I used to work out about three to four day per week which I’d say is pretty good in general. On the days where I was making it count I’d jog three miles on the treadmill and lift weights. On the days where I was phoning it in I’d do the stationary bike reading Gone Girl and pedaling super slow daydreaming about Ben Affleck checking the mail in sweatpants.

But the Fitbit has been a wake up call. If I want to hit my 10,000 steps a day goal, my butt has to get to the gym and on that treadmill or it ain’t happening. So I’ve amped up my gym time to five to six days per week and forced myself onto that treadmill, even if I ran the day before. I’m doing interval training where I go back and forth between jogging and sprinting; and I’ve added a bunch of new ab work outs that are much more intense than my weak little throwaway crunches that I used to do. I finally feel my abs burn after my workouts!

My newest obsession that I can’t wait to get more into is Barre Fitness. I’ve done a couple of these ab killing, thigh busting, booty building sweat sessions and the people that work there promise me a pilates body if I stick with it three to five times per week! YAAAASSSS! Sign me up! I figure it will be at least a little while before I totally go broke and have to get a J-O-B paying for the $18 per class price tag and the full tank of gas it takes getting to and from this place in BFE. Ugh.

So as you can tell by my new regimen, I’m ready to transform my body into Jennifer Aniston’s. I mean, she’s fortysomething and I’m only thirtysomething, so according to science, I should probably have more endurance and a better metabolism than she does, so this can totally happen.

But then there’s that dang diet, though.

Can we just talk about how life is so much less fun when you can’t eat whatever you want? They say diet is like 60/40 of a weight loss process, so nightly glasses of wine or weekly food binges on Mexican are ill advised for the girl on a diet. I can probably speak for all women in America when I say that the ability to eat whatever I want without gaining weight is the true definition of happiness.

In the past I’ve always turned to Weight Watchers when I wanted help losing weight. But this time around I’ve started using the MyFitnessPal (MFP) app which is an online food diary. It has a barcode scanner so I can scan any packaged food that I eat, and it has like every restaurant or random homemade food item you can image. It syncs with my Fitbit so my Fitbit tells MFP how many steps I’ve taken and what my work out activity was for that day. MFP adds up how many calories I’ve eaten minus how many calories I’ve burned and it tells me how many calories I have left to consume each day. Get it? I live by these two apps now. The best part of the MFP app is that it’s FREE!

In my first week of using the Fitbit/MyFitnessPal combo and working out a ton more I lost 3 lbs. WHAHOO!! I was feeling so much better about myself and couldn’t wait to weigh in the next week to see another 3 lb. drop.

Sadly, I was super freaking bummed the next week when the scales said I’d gained a pound. WHAT! I’m doing everything right, aren’t I???? Ok, so maybe I did go out to eat like three times that week and I drank both Friday and Saturday nights. Fine, next week I’ll cut back on eating out and only drink once. This is killing my soul.

I seriously have been perplexed by this. I know muscle weighs more than fat and I’m certainly working out harder and more often that I have in the past, so that could count for something. But I’m pretty sure the minor weight gain and sluggish weight loss has something to do with switching birth control pills in the second week of my fitness program. I’m totally taking on water weight which explains why I pee my pants when I sneeze.  Oops, TMI.

Thankfully in my third week I lost two more pounds, so I’m just happy the scales are going in the right direction. In total I’ve lost four pounds which doesn’t sound like a lot, but I feel so much lighter on my feet and my clothes are starting to fit so much better again, so I know it’s working. I have to remind myself that it’s not just about the scales; how I feel and how my clothes fit are just as important.

This week I’m tagging along with my husband to a work conference in Puerto Rico so I know I’m going to blow my calories out of the water being on vacation. But to combat this, I brought my gym clothes and plan to spend an hour at the gym each morning between sleeping in and going to the pool. And getting those steps in is still a priority, as I literally paced the hallway in front of my hotel room tonight to get those last 800 steps accounted for in my Fitbit! Hopefully my next weigh in will not make me regret Puerto Rico, but oh well, you only live once. I’ll get back on the saddle if I stumble, each day is a new day!


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