249259_10150265424977964_2604638_nAt this time four years ago I was lying in a hospital bed dying from labor pains (ok, maybe I wasn’t dying), and all I was doing was begging my nurse to GIVE ME THE DRUGGGGGGS! Thankfully, around 1am a dude with numbing drugs came into my room to bring me sweet relief. AHHHH…. Ba-bye labor pains, I won’t miss you!

After seven disappointing days overdue in the middle of a hot California summer, I was finally at the hospital ready for my scheduled induction. I was going to meet my daughter, words can’t express the feeling of excitement and anticipation I was feeling.

When it was time to begin pushing she came quickly, within 25 minutes and four rounds of pushes. When they placed her on my chest I didn’t fall in love with her, I was already in love. She had my baby nose, my lips, and my eye lashes. Seeing my reflection in her and realizing she was finally here caused my shoulders to shake with a silent, ugly Kim Kardashian cry, tears of absolute joy.

The early days of motherhood were so special with my little Annie B. Long stroller walks, mommy and daughter lunch and shopping days, and countless hours rocking my nursing baby to sleep in her sweet, calming nursery. She was an angelic baby, precious as can be. It’s hard to believe she’s turning 4.


How has time passed by so quickly? Have I been as present as I could be? Am I appreciating all of her toddler years to the fullest? I’m trying, and being home with her in these last two and a half years watching her grow has been an incredible blessing to me.

I know she is my daughter and I may be biased, but I am beaming with pride over my little girl. She’s kind and thoughtful. She loves to share, which isn’t always easy at this age, and she’s eager to please. She knows mommy has her hands full with her baby brother Leo, so she will sit and quietly play Barbies or work on her daily art projects and not make a peep for an hour. And on top of all that, she’s my girly girl. She loves all the things I loved as a kid so I can relate to her very well. She truly is my dream girl.


I’ve been enjoying my daily strolls down memory lane by checking my Time Hop app on my phone all week, and it’s bittersweet to see her newborn pictures today. Sweet because she’s growing into such a wonderful little girl; and sad that it’s all happening so fast.


Today is going to be a fun day of celebrating my little Annabelle Grace’s 4th birthday. A party filled with friends, cupcake decorating for the kids, kiddie pool time, live music, and a Barbie dress cake will surely make for a memorable day. Happy Birthday Annabelle, mommy and daddy love you with all our hearts!







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