Photo source: Flickr
Photo source: Flickr

I know you’re getting sick of me saying I’m M.I.A. on the blog because I have too much laundry to fold, or I’m behind on my DVR’d Kardashians episodes, but I’m happy to say that’s not the case at all lately. Guys, I’ve been marinating in a very inspiring space right now and I’m LOVING IT. I have so many mental plans, and they all include leaving my stagnant, do-nothing-with-my-mind stay at home mom phase that I’ve been hibernating in for three years. I literally have the feeling of butterflies in my stomach from excitement just cooking up all these ideas that are shooting off like fireworks in my head. BUT, before I get ahead of myself and just blab about my pie in the sky dreams, I want to get some of these ideas in motion. So just know that’s in the works and I will be sharing stuff soon!

In the mean time, like many of you probably do, I have a little mental Bucket List of things I’d like to do before I die. As a little kid, it was to grow up and put my artistic skills to use by becoming a cartoonist! Um, still on the list… Then it was to go to a Michael Jackson concert. Still on the list………………………..

In middle school it was to make the basketball team. CHECK. (FINALLY!) As a high school kid it was to go to Indiana University, the only college I ever wanted to go to. Check. After getting turned down for an exciting opportunity for a corporate retail job in San Francisco in my early twenties, I added new goals to the list: MOVE TO CALIFORNIA AND GET A CORPORATE RETAIL JOB. Check, check! 

Become a mom, the best checks!!

Travel to the European cities of London, Paris, and several cities in Italy. Still on the list, damn it! BUT one big travel destination on my list that I have yet to check off in my 36 years is New York City. Being the pop culture/movie/TV historian that I am (LOL!), I have always wanted to go to New York and see all the iconic places that I’ve seen in movies and TV. Whether it be visiting the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Ground Zero, Central Perk (bwahaha), Central PARK, that Seinfeld restaurant, seeing a Broadway musical, or getting my mug featured in the TODAY SHOW morning show audience — my list of New York to-dos runs deep.

With my 10 year wedding anniversary quickly approaching in mid-June, my sister-in-law and I concocted an amazing idea: Celebrate my 10 year anniversary (Am I seriously old enough to have been married 10 years??) and my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday in one action packed week in the the concrete jungle of NEW YOOOOOOOOORK!

Thank the Lord my sister-in-law is a stellar travel agent, well, she’s a wanna be travel agent who should seriously get paid to plan busy people’s vacations, because she finds all the things that you’ll want to do! She’s got us booked solid with a Broadway show, a food tour, tickets to see a Seth Meyers Show, a Jimmy Fallon practice monologue (fingers crossies we get into the live show!!), dinner resssies at top chef restaurants, and more! I’m bursting at the seems with excitement, so ready to DO THIS!

I actually had a mild panic attack on Saturday when I realized I had nothing New York worthy in my closet. New York worthy, to me, means a little bo-ho chic. I’m not exactly bo-ho, but I can be for a week, no problem. So I had a two-day shopping marathon to get me New York ready. I’m so excited for my new wardrobe pieces, I will def be sharing pics online if I look hot AF in the ensembles while we are there.

I don’t know why this trip has been on my Bucket List for so long. Like I said; I want to sit on the same couch as Ross and Rachel. I want to get a pic with Matt Lauer and Al Roker. I want to eat a freagin’ pipin’ hot hot dog from a street vendor. For whatever reason, NYC represents a place where all your dreams are possible. Basically all the lyrics in that Alicia Keys song “New York” on the Sex In The City soundtrack. I want that song to start playing the minute I get off the plane at the LaGuardia Airport. Is that a weird fantasy?

I will be posting updates throughout my trip on social media, with some OOTDs, CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS (God Willing, ha!), and famous landmarks. I hope you follow along with me! You can follow on Instagam and Twitter @TheCourtneyRice. (<— The main one, lol!)

See you on the other side of this crazy trip! Happy early anniversary to me and Jeff…. but more importantly, MAJOR BUCKET LIST CHECK FOR ME, whahooooooo!! 

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