Hey y’all! It’s been a couple months since I blogged last and it’s for good reason — I’ve been busy busy doing work-from-home stuff, which I’ll get into later, plus I’ve been in full-on blog refresh mode! Welcome to the new Life At Thirtysomething blog! Do you like my new look? (Best if viewed on a laptop or desktop!)

In recent months I began to feel like the old look of Life At Thirtysomething was too “mommy blog-ish” with the bright colors and it just didn’t feel like me anymore. I like blogs with a lot of white space and a cool mix of modern and handwritten fonts, which you’ll see in my new header above. I also felt like I wanted to re-brand my blog so that I could introduce myself more to my audience, the girl behind all this bloggy cuteness! Haha, J/K! 

What you’ll see on the new Life At Thirtysomething blog

courtneyr-submark-pngYou will still find mommy moment blogs like the utter misery of potty training, which I’m deep in the trenches of now. (I NEED ALL THE WINE.) And, could I maybe have just. one. more? (Is there even enough wine to get me through t-h-r-e-e?!)

You’ll see other topics that I hold near and dear, such as the never ending battle of the bulge, or what I like to call “my fitness journey.” <Insert cry face emoji>

Something that has always been a big focus of mine is fashion and I haven’t really touched on that much on this blog in the past, so you will begin to see more style inspiration posts. And I’m willing to suffer for my craft in this area, because selfies at 36 are a special kind of self-torture, but one I will endure to bring you looks that I think you’ll love. You’re welcome!

I also want to touch more on the topic of career and blogging. Before it used to be you were one of two things: a working mom or a stay at home mom. But now there’s this major rise in work from home moms, which is a topic I’m super excited to dive into in future blogs. Also, there are a lot of moms like me who enjoy documenting mom life in the form of blogging; what better way to look back at pregnancy and motherhood in 20 years than to read an online journal from the beginning of the journey? That’s what I have crafted in 6 years of blogging on Life At Thirtysomething so I want to appeal to mamas with a penchant for writing — let’s share blog life with each other!

And lastly, I have been on quite a role with traveling in the last year, so I intend to document these adventures going forward! So there you have it. My hope is that mom life, fitness, style inspiration, career, and travel appeal to a lot of “thirtysomething” women and we can continue to travel this path together with humor, heartfelt sentiments, and a little bit of style!

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Alright ladies, let’s grab a glass of wine and get started. Cheers!

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