Alright ladies, I think I’m going to start a new reoccurring post theme called “Currently Loving”, and whatever I’m currently loving I’mma blog about, m’kay? So in my last post The Mid-Thirties Fitness Funk I shared how I’m attempting to fight fitness boredom by trying new ways to werk my booty. And one of those ways was by getting hooked on The Fitness Marshall cardio hip hop videos on YouTube. I mentioned that I was attending his live dance class event here in Indy on Saturday and I’m literally on a high from the experience! So my friends, I’m currently loving The Fitness Marshall.

Pop Star Vibes

My whole life I’ve always wished I had two skills that I don’t have. One is singing and the other is dancing. I don’t know why I held these two skills in such high esteem. I think I really did think I could maybe be a pop star so singing and dancing was going to be my way into this world. If you think I’m kidding I have to share this funny moment with you. At 23 I began a new job as a manager at the GAP and on my first day this hilariously flamboyant gay guy that quickly became my BFF told me: “GIRL, we just need you to drop 20 pounds and turn you into a pop star!” You think I might be offended that he thought I needed to lose 20 lbs, but I was literally like “OMG you think I could be a pop star?????” 

My pop star dreams may be buried in the confines of yesteryear, but I still love to dance my face off. I’m not a skilled dancer by any means, but I feel like I have enough rhythm to drop it like it like it’s hot at the club. But I know that dancing for fun at a bar is so not the same as doing legit choreography. I end up looking like a total spazz with my arms flailing in crazy directions trying to keep up with full throttle hip hop dancing. But that’s why doing YouTube videos in my basement works in this regard. My dog watches me but he can’t laugh, so it’s fine.

Anyway, in my quest to mix it up fitness-wise I stumbled upon The Fitness Marshall (TFM) videos on YouTube about a year ago. At first I was like; this guy is way too advanced for me! But his choreography was so on point and I found him to be funny as hell. So periodically when I couldn’t make it to the gym I’d go to the basement and pull up YouTube on my TV and pop star it out with The Fitness Marshall. So you can imagine my glee when I found out he was coming to Indianapolis for a live dance event in October! I purchased tix about two months ago and have been waiting with baited breath ever since. This past week they posted an Indianapolis playlist so I have been practicing in my basement and getting super pumped for the moment when I get to shake my booty with the man himself!!


Channeling Britney

I was unsure if I would fangirl when I saw Caleb, that’s his real name, so I was proud of myself for keeping composure. My friend and I took a meet and greet pic with him and his backup dancers before the dance party and then we took our position — in the front row — and got set for a fun hour of sweating ourselves sexy! (That’s TFM’s tag line!) The very first song Caleb was like; Ok, we’re going to do the raunchiest song first so you can get all the weirdness out of the way now. He told us not to worry about how we look dancing, and not to worry about what the person next to us thinks either, just do you. So I decided to channel my inner Britney and forget about insecurities!

I. Had. So. Much. FUN! I was milkshaking it and didn’t give AF about how I looked. That made me feel so good, and that’s the high that is fueling this blog post now — I loved getting down, having fun, and dare I say it, feeling sexy!! I want more live classes with The Fitness Marshall!

So the fangirl in me wants to follow future TFM events to experience the highs of self-confidence that unbridled dancing can bring! Hey, this mid-thirties mama of two can still get down, don’t count me out yet!! I encourage you all to check out The Fitness Marshall on YouTube and get your dancin’ on! You will totally love it, I promise!

For fun, I wanted to share the Indianapolis playlist below with you so you can get to twerkin’, mamas!!!

P.S. My bruised knees from the event are battle wounds from a great time, so get down girl, GET DOWN! (But hopefully on carpet!!)

Damn I needed knee pads for this song, but fuuuuuuun!

Not on the Indy playlist, but I love this routine and song so I wanted to add it!

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