fullsizerender-4In my last blog post “The Day I Got My Groove Back”, I briefly touched on how I began doing freelance marketing work in the last several months. After years of being a SAHM and having limited mental challenges in a professional sense, it was such a rush using my brain again and feeling like someone valued my opinion outside of motherhood. I quickly began craving more ways to challenge myself professionally, and the idea of bringing in additional income sources had my attention!

In today’s mompreneur climate, moms are thinking outside of the box with their career trajectories as they look to re-join the work force. An 8-5 job in corporate America is no longer the only option. I began thinking about dabbling in a few areas to build a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) career for myself, sort of like building a hodge podge career that works while I have two little kids at home.

Dreaming of a fashion career

I’ve always been a fashion lover, with a particular love for jewelry and accessories like handbags and scarves. In fact, in my early twenties I wrote down a bunch of goals such as designing handbags and opening my own accessories boutique. I designed several pages of handbags in varying styles that I would have made by a local seamstress and my plan was to wear and share all over town to get noticed! And then life happened. Work took over and my dreams fell to the wayside.

A few years ago while I was still living in the Bay Area I was introduced to Stella & Dot, a super stylish accessories company based in San Francisco and I fell in love with their style. I was just a customer buying online until I was invited to host a trunk show at my house. I had no idea this was even a thing! But when I found out that I could have my friends over for a girl’s night, shopping and earn a free shopping spree out of it I was like; UM… let me think about this long and hard… yasss honey!

At this point in my life I was a new stay at home mom and dealing with the loss of independence that making my own paycheck brought me. So when I was presented with the opportunity to become a Stella & Dot Stylist and make money styling women at fun girl’s nights for a couple hours at a time while earning a great discount on accessories that I was already loving and buying, I jumped at the chance!

Shortly after joining Stella & Dot I moved across country to Indianapolis and left my current network behind, plus I was 6 months pregnant. I got busy furnishing and decorating our new home, had a newborn, and long story short I let my Stella & Dot biz fall away as quickly as is began.

I was always disappointed in myself for this because I knew that theoretically this gig was right up my alley. It’s exactly the kind of thing that I loved and wanted to start a business doing as a young adult — having an accessories boutique! But at the time I made excuses and I let insecurities hold me back. I had all the same fears that anyone starting their own business might have and it paralyzed me.

And then I got my groove back

In the last year I was intrigued when I was invited to a couple Stella & Dot trunk shows. It was like revisiting an old boyfriend, I had to see if there was something still there… lol! And well, there was something still there. I was reminded how much fun it was! I mean seriously, shopping, drinking wine and hanging with my friends kid-free: WHERE DO I SIGN UP?? I ended up hosting my own show and my girlfriends and I had a great time and I earned a fantastic shopping spree! And then I thought to myself: wait, the Stella & Dot stylist at my party made nearly $400 in a few hours of drinking wine and socializing with ladies… should I give this another go?

Eventually I gave up the ghost and re-joined. I felt like I was in a much better place to make this a successful business for myself because I’m more confident in myself. I also gained a new perspective on the whole thing: I’m simply offering fun, fashion, and freedom from kids for a bit, isn’t that every woman’s dream?!! I made a decision that I was not going to let fear hold me back from trying again. In the last couple months I have LOVED having something that is mine again. Not only have I earned great paychecks and free accessories as a result of my success, but I’ve earned my husband’s seal of approval, which was hard because he was uber skeptical of a second go-around with this! I love being able to have the freedom to purchase things with my own money without my husband breathing down my neck on how much I spent!!! That’s worth a ton right there, amiright ladies?! 🙂

I’m totally piecing together a hodge podge unconventional career path but it works for me. I’m not nailed down to a desk and I have the freedom to work as much or as little as I want, which is so ideal while I have two young children.

COVET Waverly CrossbodySO, I’m super excited to add fashion as a part of my updated blog topics on the new and improved Life At Thirtysomething blog! I plan to share style inspiration posts and will be posting my favorite looks on my Style Gallery page that links to the items online if you are loving what you see!  There is also a Shop Jewels link above that takes you to my Stella & Dot website so you can check out the full collection. To see new looks I’m putting together each week follow me on Instagram and/or request to join my Facebook group ‘Courtney’s Style Fix’.

If you are interested in learning about a Stella & Dot stylist opportunity to earn some additional income, whether you are a SAHM or a full time working girl looking for some supplemental income, email me at thecourtneyrice {at} gmail dot com and I can send you some info! There is a sign up special going on now through the end of October so it’s a great time to join and earn extra income for the holidays!


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