IMG_9952 (1)It’s been three and a half years since I entered the world of stay-at-home-momdom and can I be real frank with you; the working girl inside me who was once so tightly associated with my personal identity, has died a slow and agonizing death.

Lacking the confidence that having a good job, nice salary, and daily mental challenges brought me, I was feeling pretty aimless. And I lost my groove.

I entered SAHM life super hesitant. To play the part, I put on yoga pants, wore pony tails daily, and went to library story times with my toddler and tried to act like I belonged. All the while, I felt like a fish out of water with this lack of a schedule, and a deep feeling of inadequacy for no longer financially contributing to my family’s bottom line.

Fast forward three years and the working girl had lost all signs of a pulse. She was on life support with zero visitors and no one changing her feeding tube. She’s nearly dead. OK, she’s dead. Gone. Bye girl, bye. Dearly beloved, we gather here today… That kind of thing.

And then… as she was lying in her casket something happened. She got resuscitated!! Someone raised their hand and said I STILL CARE ABOUT YOUR BRAIN, GIRL!!

I sat up and my head spun around in the direction of my newly minted caregiver. YOU CARE ABOUT MY BRAIN? Hey you, you’re talking to me lying here in this sad little casket, right? She said yes, you! Can you help me fulfill my dreams with your expertise in marketing?

It was like she was standing there with a defibrillator ready to jump start my system. She wanted my brain in tact, my passion recharged, and my energy at full throttle.

I literally leaped out of my casket, dusted myself off, apologized for my yoga pants and said; YES I CAN HELP WHEN CAN I START?

She said today. 

And all my ambition, motivation, and creative energy swelled up from it’s burial ground deep in the pit of my stomach, and reverberated in my brain, letting me know it’s baaaa-aaack. 

This my friends, is what I like to call an awakening. And the day I got my groove back.

Welcome back, confidence

image-1-5Suddenly, my mouth opened and ideas poured out. She eagerly listened with oohs and ahhs and said I’d love to pay you to do these things. And then my confidence swan dived from a cliff into the ocean of opportunity. After three years of being dead inside career-wise, someone believed in me.

And the most exciting thing for me personally, is that this friend who believed in me is a new author, and she wanted me to help her launch her brand new children’s book, Caroline Girls. This speaks to me on so many levels because as a child my passion was drawing little people and depicting stories in soap opera like fashion on spiral notepads. My art included bubble quotes above each image that carried the dialogue from page to page, and as a child up through high school, my dream was to become an illustrator or a screenwriter.

So as I watched my friend Heather take action — the bull by the horn, so to speak, I have been so inspired.  She’s not waiting for life to happen, she’s actively pursuing her dream of becoming a top selling children’s book author. As a true Pisces, I’m a dreamer through and through. But I don’t want to stop there. Having dreams is a wonderful thing, but living them is certainly more satisfying!

I have been filled to the brim with career inspiration since I began doing freelance marketing work. I have a lot of career interests right now and I’m just excited to scratch a few itches and explore the possibilities.

On the last day of my freshman English class at Indiana University, my professor put a quote on the projecter that has stuck with me all these years. It said: “The saddest phrase in the English language is ‘I wish I would have’.” True that!

Now is the time to start moving, we aren’t getting any younger, people! My wish is that you all find the thing that feeds your soul. Mothering, by my standards at least, is by far the most important job you will ever have. So stay-at-home moms needn’t feel like they aren’t contributing to their families as much, because you are mamas! But if the working girl within ever dreams of resurrection, I’m here to give you a little thumbs up and say: Hey girl, you’ve got this. I’ve got this. Let’s do this! #YouJustGotYourGrooveBack

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