image-1-9In my 9-5 working days when I made a big girl paycheck I would happily shop ’till I dropped every other Friday and take a chunk out of my freshly earned paycheck. I did because I could and I loved every stinking minute of it. But in more recent years as I’ve stayed home with my kids sans bi-weekly paychecks I haven’t had that luxury of overspending for sport. So I try to stick with looks that can carry me through multiple seasons and accessorize to change up the vibe. And comfort is key. If I’m muffin-topping it, I’m not wearing it. So I thought I’d do a post sharing my Six Wardrobe Staples for the Stylish Mom, because hello, moms still wanna look and feel good while sitting behind the wheel of a mini van, m’kay?

Ripped Jeans

Yes moms, you need ripped jeans. It’s fine because you were likely a child or teen in the 90’s and the trend has come full circle, so relive those 90210 days girl. You’ve earned it! But, avoid the overly ripped jean and go with something more subtle. A little knee exposure is perfect. I got these ripped jeans at Express. They have the perfect amount of rip and distress and I get lots of compliments on them. I also love that they are cuffed, because cuffing your jeans is cute and a little bit hipster, so definitely do that. 🙂 Right now Express jeans are buy 1 get 1 for $29.90, so check out all the cute options, they are killing it in the jeans department.

Utility Jacket

Last Fall I picked up the best lightweight fall/spring utility jacket at Gap that has been a staple of mine for a year. I get tons of compliments on it and I love how you can roll the sleeves up in early fall for a casual chic outfit look, but it’s a legit jacket for weather down to the 50’s. I don’t see a jacket the same as mine on Gap’s current website, but here is one on Amazon that is pretty close to what I have. And here is a heavier duty option since the weather is cooling off. (Hello, Amazon prime 2-day shipping!) Also, a vest is super cute with a tank or long sleeved top underneath. I got this one at Charlotte Russe.




It’s all about the cute sneaker to run your errands in style. Last season I was wearing the all black sneaker from Gap with the white soles. But this season I’m all about my white Converse. I love the retro look of the white Converse and it just makes your casual vibe look effortlessly chic. Kinda like you didn’t care because you just threw on your Chucks. But really, you do care.



Infinity Scarf

I absolutely love an infinity scarf because it’s fool proof with the wrapping. I hate long scarves that create this extra bulk under my winter coat when it’s zipped. I’m sorry, but girls DON’T like extra bulk, amiright ladiesThis Reversible Infinity Scarf in rich burgundy is hands down the best fall scarf. The colors are a great neutral color combo and goes with most fall color pallets. P.S. It goes perfectly with an olive/army green utility jacket!



Stylish Bag

Ladies, a great bag keeps you stylish whether you are running errands in your yoga pants or the outfit I’ve laid out above. Don’t throw away one of the most important accessories a girl can wear! I love a good versatile bag, but how about one that can be worn as a cross body OR a shoulder bag? Few bags possess this magical transformation quality, but this Hayes Tassel Hobo does just that. That tassel has me like…click, ADD TO CART. 


If you prefer smaller cross body bags that reek of genuine leather so luxe it feels like buttah, then you need this Covet Waverly Cross Body bag in your life. Plus, you can wear it 4 ways! Merry Christmas to you!



So we need to finish this look with a little bling! You didn’t think you could walk out of the house without jewels did you? Um, no. This is going to make your above outfit go from stylish to POW POW all eyes on you! The casual nature of the utility jacket or vest begs for an interesting contrast like a statement necklace. Gone are the days where you wear a fancy necklace with a fancy outfit. Nope, you wear that statement piece with a t-shirt and your utility or leather jacket and you go on with your damn day! I love this Nile Necklace with a grey shirt and my utility vest for a really eye catching look. (Express jeans & Charlotte Russe vest pictured below.)


I also love love this super versatile Sutton Necklace because it’s five necklaces in one! Seriously, how many necklaces do you own that can be worn five freakin’ ways? It’s worth. every. penny. And pairing the Sutton necklace with a utility jacket is Ya, I said it!


Stella & Dot Sutton Necklace

So there you have it, this outfit combination that I have put together for you is essentially my fall wardrobe and I wear it often, mixing up the look with different shoes and jewels (swap Converse for ankle booties!) so I don’t look like a one trick pony, people. I hope you got a little outfit inspiration here, and if you didn’t, it means you are such a stylish mom that you already own this outfit ensemble. And to you I say; Okurrr, get down with yer bad self!

What are some of your fall outfit staples that you love?


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