Oh hello my people!! I know what you’re thinking: Where Has Courtney Been?? I appreciate your concern but I have just been super lazy busy lately and blogging had to take a backseat. I hate being away from the blog for so long but I was kind of at a loss for topics to be honest. However I’m glad there was a topic that could pull me out of my bloggy funk and get me typing again. Oh yes, I’m going to talk about Fifty Shades Darker, the hot smutty love story that came out in theaters this weekend. Go ahead and let your hair down girls and let’s get into why I’m Loving Me Some Fifty Shades Darker.

For those of you that have been my O G Pop Culture Junkie blog followers since back in the day you know that Fifty Shades and I go way way back. I was blogging about Fifty Shades before there was a Christian Grey and before it was an international bestselling book series. I discovered this little BDSM twisted love story back when it was a Twilight Fan-fiction story that was posted online free for all to read. If you are curious to learn more about this, read this.

Let’s GO THERE with Fifty Shades

I started reading this story 7 years ago and fell in love with the mystery, the intrigue, and let’s be honest, the sexah time! I’d never read anything like it! I couldn’t get enough of it and when I was reading it the story was not complete, the author was posting it chapter by chapter online. Sometimes the week long wait was excruciating! I’m not afraid to admit that my eyes liked to read that ‘ish and my mind liked to picture it, okurr? Hey, I have a good imagination people and being the Pisces that I am I’m highly prone to fantasy! After being a serious Twilight lover and being all up in that virginal love story I was ready to just GO THERE in Fifty Shades of Grey lol!

As much as I wanted the books to turn into movies, I knew it would be hard because the story is pretty graphic and the heart of the book is the inner monologue in Ana’s head. Sometimes words on pages don’t exactly translate well in movie dialogue and there were def bits of the book that would be laughable if said out loud. Not going to lie I have cringed at a couple of the movie lines! I was afraid the first movie would be cheesy but I personally felt the movie was well done, a lot better than expected. I was a bit disappointed in the chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in ‘Grey’ but I’d read that they were definitely working on improving their connection for the second film and I’m happy to say that their chemistry was on point in Fifty Shades Darker.

I already come from a place of love and excitement for this story and it’s characters so obviously I hearted me some Fifty Shades Darker. In fact, I’m dying to see it again! We get to see more of Christian’s personality and he actually smiles in this one, which was nice to see and actually made him more likable. ‘Darker’ is much more of a love story whereas the first one was pretty much just s-e-x. Not that I minded that. In fact I welcomed it, bah! Not only was their chemistry on point in this second film, it was palpable in my opinion. Meaning, it was HOT HOT HOT! For the first time I believed them as a couple. I also thought the bom bidi bom bom scenes were hella goood!! Break me off a piece of that, dang! *Fans self*

I highly recommend a girl’s night to go see this one! It’s way more fun squeezing your friend’s arm and giddily laughing at the bow chica wow wow scenes than sitting next to your Mr. who would probably be squirming in his seat from discomfort, lol! Although the silver lining for him is thinking there’s probably going to be a good ‘after party’ when you guys get home, haha! 🙂

My new favorite song from the movie soundtrack is BOM BIDI BOM by Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj. Holy smokes this scene in the movie was HOTCHACHA!!!! Is it weird if I go see ‘Darker’ in a mid-week matinee? Do they play this thing during preschool hours? *Checking Fandango*

If you are living under a rock and haven’t seen a Fifty Shades Darker trailer here you go:

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  1. I loved the movie!! This time seemed more like a love story and I thought they seemed more believable. Loved that Grey smiled and gave more of his personality and how fragile he really is….and needs someone like Ana. I may go see this again too. Mid-afternoon movie time is a good time. Maybe take hubby to see!!

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