I have a vision of myself as a really consistent blogger who churns out amazing content weekly but for now that’s like #GOALS and I really need to get my shit together. It’s fine, you love me anyway…right? Right! OK now that that’s out of the way, I have been wanting to share more style inspiration posts here at Life At Thirtysomething because it’s one of my favorite things and I just kinda want to talk about things I love these days. I have been actively building my spring wardrobe right now for my busy days of kindergarten pick up and gymnastics classes, but occasionally I’ll have a fun girl’s night or a getaway trip that requires me to look like my life is way cooler than it is. So let’s have some fun playing dress up and discuss the six early spring must have looks you need!

Tops with detail

My style has always been to wear more classic pieces that don’t go out of style and can stand the test of time — or at least two years. I don’t wear a lot of patterned tops because I feel like I get lost in them. But a fun way to upgrade a basic top is to go with a cold shoulder look, or a shirt with bell sleeves. If sleeve detail isn’t a trend that continues next season you can always throw on a cute jacket or long cardigan to hide sleeves if the neckline and fit is still working for you honey!

This cold shoulder tee from Express is an upgraded look from a basic t-shirt that you can totally rock with jeans and some cute booties for a cute date night look! Your hubby is going to be staring at your shoulders like he’s never seen them before, lol!

Shop: http://www.express.com[/caption%5D

Or this cut out tee from Annakaytes Boutique is a super easy way to edge up a basic white tee with some cute jeans and Converse at the school pick up line.

[caption id="attachment_4058" align="aligncenter" width="257"] Shop: http://www.annakaytes.com[/caption%5D

Ripped Jeans

Ladies, it’s all about ripped jeans right now. There are varying degrees of ripped that are acceptable in my opinion. Discreet rips look good, unless you’re a Kardashian and then jeans that are so ripped up they look like chaps are your thing. It looks sort of “high fashion” on them I suppose but we’re talking accessible style for the every woman and mom here, so less really is more.

I have these super cute ankle length Caught Ya Lookin Skinny Jeans and I’m IN LOVE. They are by far the cutest pair of jeans I own. The perfect amount of distress and rips to make you look like the coolest mom East of L.A. Well why stop there? I needed a lighter pair for spring and cool summer nights so I got these Everything You Need Distressed Jean for a little focused knee cleavage.

[caption id="attachment_4057" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Shop: http://www.annakaytes.com[/caption%5D

Bomber Jacket

Last spring and fall was all about the utility jacket, and yes that look is still in but an upgraded look for spring is a super cute light weight bomber jacket. I got this olive green bomber from Nordstrom and it’s keeping me feeling fun and youthful whenever I wear it. The best part is that it goes with EVERYTHING. (Bonus: Pair your bomber with Adidas Shell Toes for some “street chic!”)

[caption id="attachment_4055" align="aligncenter" width="434"] Shop: http://www.nordstromrack.com[/caption%5D

Upgraded Sunnies

I’ve been guilty of wearing boring Target sunnies for way too long and recently I got a jolt of fun and went with a super cute pair of mirrored lens sunglasses for a cooler look. Hey, why look boring just because I’m a mom? I’m done being blah because it’s comfy. I’ve still got it and my sunnies are going to step up my daily look. Loving these blush Wesley sunnies from Stella & Dot — so chic they’ll be working over time for you when you’re rocking your athleisure wear!


[caption id="attachment_4065" align="aligncenter" width="420"] Wesley Sunnies | IG @TheCourtneyRice

Booties At Attention

Okay so it’s early spring and not quite toe exposure weather, but cute perforated booties or clog-like booties are where it’s at for mid-60’s weather. I have these Running Out Of Roads Booties and they are the PERFECT transitional bootie for winter to spring because you wear them without socks and your foot slides right in like a clog, no zip. They look especially stylish with an ankle length jean.


Finish The Look Accessories

So remember how I said at the top of this blog that my style of dress is more classic looks? Well the way I keep classic looks working for me year over year is by changing up the vibe with different accessories. I’ve been like this since college and most of my friends have always known me as the “accessories girl”. A good purse, scarf, or piece of jewelry can finish the look and I have always felt a bit naked without these key ingredients! This explains my decision to be a Stella & Dot Stylist — there’s no such thing as too many accessories!!

The “it” bag for spring is a cross body saddle bag for instant hipster coolness but with sizable functionality. I tend to gravitate towards smaller bags in the spring and summer, especially going out purses, but I hate when you can’t fit anything in it. I need space for a legit wallet, cell phone, 15 lip glosses, and a pack of gum for me to feel comfortable leaving the house. This Sloane Bag in Mushroom is the perfect upgrade color-wise from the basic brown color, and the plush quality of the leather is on another level. It’s a splurge but every girl needs a splurge handbag in her closet!

IG @stylewithaudrey

Most of the time I’m just doing low key stuff that doesn’t call for statement jewelry, but I’ve found that a fun way to upgrade a basic stud earring look is to go with an ear climber earring that gives me a bit more edge. I’m OBSESSED with these Silver Ear Climber earrings for spring and I pair it with this equally edgy Pave Ear Cuff in silver. How cute is this look paired with those Wesley mirrored lens sunnies? I replicate this look whenever possible! And to finish the jewel look I am addicted to this Victoria Pendant Necklace with its mixed metals. This gold girl is seriously cheatin’ with some silver, O’KURR?

Ear climber | Pave cuff | Wesley’s
Victoria Pendant | IG @_jessica_styles_

Wear your white cut out tee, Caught Ya Lookin Skinny jeans, olive bomber, booties, saddle bag, and these edgy jewels all together and I promise you will be feeling some kinda way…. and I think it’s going to be Stylish, playful, and edgy. And best of all you’ll feel like you still got it, because you do honey! What more can you ask for at the school pick up line? Ba-bye athleisure wear, hello hot mama!



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