Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! This special day is a day to celebrate you. It’s the one day of the year that everyone is reminded to say ‘thank you’ for all you do, and your kids make cute cards at school to make you feel loved and adored. And this day of all days you want all the extra kid time you can get – loads of cuddles and nonstop attention from your littles. Ha, well actually I kind of want a day to myself on Mother’s Day. Is that bad? I’m the go to for every single little last need that my children have, and when they’re 5 and under their needs are endless. So on a day that is supposed to be dedicated to mom, I feel like I just want a hall pass to do my own thing, maybe with minimal kid time. Eeks! That sounds bad I know, but I can’t be the only mom that feels this way!!

Let’s face it, kids are exhausting. There are times they are less exhausting, like maybe when they’re older and less needy. In which case, you may crave that extra kid time on Mother’s Day. But I’m a mom of a 5 and 3 year old so I’m still “in the weeds” with the exhausting part. If I were to detail the perfect Mother’s Day for me it would include a lot of me time and a small bit of mom time. Like small-small.  I would love to sleep in until my eyes naturally open without having a kid run into my room and beg me to turn my bedroom TV on at 6:45am. It would also be fantastic if I didn’t get kneed in the crotch while said child crawls into my bed, or wacked in the head after I’ve fallen back to sleep and both kids are now in my bed wrestling at 7:15am.

I’d love to go to brunch with my family at a really awesome restaurant that has a bomb dessert buffet in which I feel completely deserving of indulging in one of everything. It would be wonderful to receive a nice bouquet of flowers from my husband and cute handmade cards from the kids. And then it would be fabulous if my husband offered to take the kids out for the day so I could have some highly coveted alone time. Seriously, how thoughtful! I would first go get a mani/pedi, followed by a lengthy trip to Target buying nothing I need and walking out $200 later. Then I’d want to go to the movies by myself and eat a large buttered popcorn with a huge soda (I gave up soda a month ago, wah!!), followed by meeting up with my girlfriends for ladies night… that’s right, on Mother’s Day.

Perhaps if I worked at an office all day I might look forward to a full day of kid time, but since I’m constantly carting kiddos around and taking care of their every whim, I’m all for a light mom day on my special day. Who else feels this way? What would your perfect Mother’s Day consist of? Peace and quiet? A chore free day? All day kid cuddles? I’d love to hear in the comments!




4 Comments on A Day To Myself On Mother’s Day

  1. I opted to not have kids…exactly because I recognized my personal need for a lot of solo time…I think spending this day to be you, to think about you is akin to the “put your own oxygen mask on first” thing (I know, hackneyed and a overdone analogy…but it is true). As children don’t you remember how special it felt to be the child of a happy self-actualized mom? God bless to you all…there is no more important work than parenting. ❤️

  2. Girl, this is all of our wish for our big day in May This is actually my first Mother’s Day that I have a desire to spend some of it with the kids . And bless Dylan’s heart, in the past he’s been good with me getting the heck outta dodge all day and spending the day by myself. Roaming the aisles of Marshalls, Target, Kohls, ahhhh! Girl, do YOU today!

  3. Oh I completely feel you!!! While my girls are older 11&17, This mom job doesn’t end! Everything that is forgotten or needs washed or homework that needs done. From dr appointment to ball games…not including working, going to school and being a wife! I’m exhausted just writing about it!! thank you for being honest and saying what I’m ashamed to think!!! ❤️

  4. You probably spoke for a lot of women. That is mostly what I wanted when you guys were home on Mothers Day. I also think it would be great to have a good book and be laying by the pool in some warm, exotic location having an exotic drink just lapping up the rays!! No care in the world. Of course I would’ve had my toes and nails done before hitting the pool area!! Relaxing and enjoyable!! Happy Mothers Day!!

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