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There’s nothing like that feeling of being excited about something, am I right? Something to look forward to… ahh, it can be downright euphoric! I have these feelings now when thinking about work from home career moves I’d like to make and I’m excited about the possibilities! But up until recently, this feeling was no where close to how I felt…

A couple years ago I was plagued with this overall feeling of blah-ness and a general lack of motivation to do anything outside of my daily routine of taking care of the kids, working out, and house chores. I was barely blogging but not because I was busy with other things, but because I felt like I didn’t have anything new to offer… nothing interesting to share about my life. Even my mom was concerned. Over the last 8 years my mom and I have bonded over our shared love of blogging and all things social media, so when she saw my lack of interest in these things she was doing her best to build me up on our daily phone calls. I wasn’t an unhappy person, I enjoyed my life for the most part but something was missing. I had simply become complacent and I needed something to breathe new life into me.

I would think to myself: Is this it for me? Do I have passions anymore? What do I enjoy? At times I felt so paralyzed between the desire to go back to work for my own personal self-worth and the desire to be there every step of the way when my kids are little. Indecisiveness consumed me.

Thankfully this time last year I started doing freelance marketing for an author friend and it was like an awakening from my whole zombie like existence as a stay at home mom. What I loved about freelance was that it gave me the flexibility to work from home around kid stuff, housecleaning, etc. while feeling like I was using my mind again. It revved up my engines and it got me thinking of other things I wanted to do… itches I needed to scratch. That’s when I decided to become a Stella & Dot Stylist as one of the many ventures I was inspired to try as a result of my newfound motivation to create a work from home career that worked for me. I saw it as a way to tap into the fashion girl within that was once so alive and well before I traded in a cute working girl wardrobe for daily yoga pants.

Necklace from Stella & Dot // Top from Marshalls // Jeans from Express // Sandals from Old Navy

The Abyss of Complacency 

I love that my passion for fashion has returned and I enjoy using a part of my little space on the internet as a way to share style inspiration pics via my Instagram and Facebook style group Courtney’s Style Fix. I feel like I got myself back before I was fully sucked into the abyss of complacency. I’m excited by all these newfound ideas fluttering around in my head as to how I can work my Stella & Dot business into all these various ventures I have in mind. I love sharing these gorgeous accessories online and via in-home trunk shows because it’s such an easy way to give women an instant upgrade without having to overhaul an entire wardrobe. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love having an excuse to leave the kids at home with my husband and head out to a girl’s night drinking wine and sharing fashion!

Necklace from Stella & Dot // Top from Old Navy// Jeans from Cabi // Sandals from Old Navy

Sometimes things come into your life at the right time and I was ready for something that pacified my desire to work in some capacity while still being present for all the little kid moments. I didn’t have to choose between going back to work and staying home with my kids when becoming a S&D stylist. I wasn’t signing up for the military. I wasn’t signing up for some major commitment that I couldn’t get myself out of if I decided against it later. I figured I had nothing to lose. Now, 10 months later I truly feel invigorated by what my time with Stella & Dot has done for me personally. It’s brought back an old part of me that was slipping away. I feel at least a tiny sense of legitimacy when blogging about fashion now that I’m in a style business which is just a fun addition to my blog! More than anything though I love feeling a part of something again — 100% on my terms. I’m in charge of how much work I put into this and that’s how I like it.  This community of women is so inspiring and their positivity is infectious. I enjoy it so much that I’m headed to Las Vegas in July for the annual “Hoopla” inspiration meeting in which I get to watch a fun fashion show of upcoming never-before-seen styles, hear about new innovations for the company, participate in break out sessions to help me grow my business as an entrepreneur, and have a great time with fun, supportive women who are also becoming friends!

I’m excited about what the next year or two will bring to me because of the awakening I’ve had since getting back into the working world to some degree. That’s why I wanted to share my story with you all in a blog post. It’s not the first time I’ve written about joining Stella & Dot but I love to share my joy with others, especially if anyone else is feeling like they need something a little extra in their life. Maybe you work full-time and you just need a creative outlet, maybe you’re a fashion lover and want to wear and share on the go and fit this into your life whenever it works. Whatever your why is, it’s worth a shot.

Nothing to Lose

We have the best sign on special ever in June that I’d be remiss if I didn’t share! Now through June 30th if you sign up to be a stylist and purchase our $199 business in a box kit you’ll receive all the essential biz supplies you’ll need to get started plus $350 in free accessories of your choosing! You’ll also receive our best-selling Aven Layering necklace as a gift (pictured with leather jacket girl), and that’s not even the best part……. when you sell $1,000 in your first 30 days (easy to do with 1-2 trunk shows) you’ll get your $199 back in a rebate!! So it’s like you literally have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain! Try it, see if you love it! If you have any questions about the stylist opportunity please email me at thecourtneyrice {at} gmail dot com. I’d love to answer your questions! Or you can visit my website HERE and click “Become A Stylist” to read up about it some more. I just want help other women find that thing that breathes new life into their situation. You never know, this could be it for you too! 🙂

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