Sitting by the lake, drinking wine, and thinking about lifeYou know how when you are younger you’re one way… and then when you get older you’re another way? Well that’s sort of how my blog is. I created this blog when I was 29. In the beginning it was all very pre-kid lifey. There were no signs of wrinkles, gray hairs, or post-baby body wear and tear. I was all up in that youthful, Cali living. Fast-forward seven years and my skin isn’t as fresh faced as it once was, my hair is peppered in grays, and my post-baby body is forever yo-yo’ing between blah, OK I can work with this, and this effing sucks. Hello, life at thirtysomething, I see you. As I look ahead to the next phase of my blog… the mid to late thirties phase, I ask myself: who am I now? What is my blog about now that I’m 37 and past the pregnancy and baby blogging years? I’m sort of rediscovering myself on my blog right now and figuring out what Life At Thirtysomething will look like as it rounds out the decade! (WOW!)

Blogging as a creative outlet

I started out just writing general musings about life. Then I got pregnant and documented 9 months of pregnancy, which I loved doing and still enjoy going back and reading from time to time. From there I became a mommy blogger. There were so many new things happening in my life and I wanted to write about them…ask readers for advice…and sometimes just vent! For years my husband would ask me why I blogged. Are you making any money doing that? What’s the point? I always got annoyed because I looked at blogging as a creative outlet that I needed for myself. I love being a bit of a storyteller, like a mini author publishing my thoughts on a weekly basis. It’s brought me a lot of joy.

Snuggling my son Leo on my lap

With anything though, as I’ve grown the topics I want to write about have evolved. When I was pregnant or mothering babies my whole world was about them. And of course as a mom my kids are still my world, but being a mommy isn’t new to me anymore. So I find myself running out of mommy blog topics that used to come to me so easily. Instead, I find myself wanting to put a little bit of the focus back on things I enjoy outside of motherhood. But I’d love to start thinking in terms of how I can provide more value to my readers as well. After all, there are so many new blogs popping up, I want you to want to come back here again and again!

Inspired by new bloggers

I’m really inspired by all the new fashion blogs out there with their fun, whimsical flair. Their passion for sharing their love of fashion via blogging is really refreshing. Fashion has always been a love of mine, even during the baby years when I got into a frumpy mom slump I always paid close attention to trends and tried to use jewelry or bags to give me a boost even when my mommy style was a bit lacking. So now that I’ve started to get my groove back over the last year, I want to begin sharing more fashion posts on here. I’m most definitely not a high fashion gal… I’m into affordable fashion that is realistic for my lifestyle. But I’ll throw in something nicer from time to time!

Off the shoulder top, jeans, espadrilles, and cute clutch

Clutch // Blue Bracelets // Gold Bangle // Necklace

I’m also pretty girly in that I love makeup and beauty products, so that’s another area that I’d love to share here as well. I was always the friend that curled or flat ironed my friends hair on girl’s trips, or did their makeup, painted nails, or loaned out my jewelry to finish a friend’s look! I’m excited to have some fun sharing fashion finds and beauty tips on the blog! And bare with me as I figure out this whole photography bit that has become so important for a stylish blog!

Other topics I plan to share are my travel adventures, blogging / mompreneur insights, fitness, and of course when the moments present themselves, mommy blogs! This post is sort of my way of introducing an updated version of this blog to my readers. Some of you have been around since my preggo days and enjoyed the mommy blogging and I wanted to let you know that I will still have those posts! I’m just expanding into other areas I enjoy so that this little space on the internet can still be a fun and creative outlet for me. 🙂

You can expect to see a more regular posting schedule going forward as I want to be more consistent. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a post! I’m also posting style pics on Instagram regularly so if you’re on Instagram follow me there as well! I’m ready to take this blog to the next level and I hope you continue to follow along with me along the way!

I linked to items I’m wearing in this post, or similar items below!


4 Comments on Rediscovering Myself On My Blog

  1. That’s awesome that you’ve kept up the blogging after all this time. As a fellow thirtysomething, I wish you the best of luck as you move into your next chapter. As for me, I’m just now starting the mommy blogging journey. Any advice?

  2. Hi Sarah, sorry for the delayed response! I read your comment and then replied in my mind, lol! That’s so exciting that you’re starting your own mommy blog! My advice would be to be authentic to yourself. Write like you talk. People will really appreciate that and relate to you. Best of luck to you!

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