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Hey friends, long time no see! I’ve been so M.I.A. lately but what’s new? *face palm* Instead of telling you it’s because I’ve just had a lot of laundry to do (very true), it’s more than that. I’ve struggled to put my finger on what exactly has been my hold up with blogging consistently but I actually had an epiphany last night. I’ve been following all these fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the last year and I’ve been suffering from an acute case of “The Comparisons”. Ugh, I hate to even admit that, but the danger in comparison is real and it can be a total confidence killer.

For years I’ve blogged about life musings, but things have shifted a lot in the blogging world. What was once viewed as a hobby can now be a legitimate career for people and of course it’s something I’m paying a lot of attention to right now, like how can I replicate that success my way. But if I’m being honest it’s pretty intimidating looking at the bloggers that have professional photographers following them around and they’re always picture perfect and camera ready. Look, I literally go days where I do not wear makeup and my hair is in a wet ponytail. I am not in full hair and makeup on a Tuesday morning leaning up against a building holding my Starbucks cup looking trés chic, k? Not my life. I mean, I don’t even drink coffee! But it’s tempting to portray that online. Like, I’m not really a doctor I just play one on TV kinda thing! I can see how one can get carried away trying to be something they’re not. So I’m really trying to map out a plan that is authentic to me while having fun sharing my love for all things fashion, beauty, parenting, travel, and health & fitness.

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Alright, so ONE time I did take a picture in front of a building. It wasn’t trés chic so it’s never been posted. But I thought it was amusing to post here right after saying I don’t do this, lol! More like I shouldn’t…I just liked the background!

Real talk 

I hate to even talk about this on the blog because it feels so whiny and unimportant. That being said; it’s how I’m feeling and because of my love for #RealTalk I gotta get this off my chest. I know other bloggers and just gals in general will relate to the online comparison game. We all do it, even if it’s just comparing lives on Facebook.

It was actually a breath of fresh air last night when a moderator for a blogging group I’m in on Facebook posted a video about how she decided to cancel an upcoming blogging course she was working on because through that experience she learned that blogging about blogging wasn’t her true passion. She wanted to write about life, travels, fashion, and the like. That takes a lot to go this far with branding yourself as a blogging expert and then take a step back and say listen people, through some soul searching I’ma have to change course and focus on what makes me truly happy. I loved her moment of realness and it made me think about my own self-doubt about blogging.

These days blogging seems to be less about storytelling and more about huge gorgeous images with very little text. My love for writing is what started me doing this in the first place so I need to stay true to that. I love sharing tidbits on life, lessons learned, real life struggles, and of course my favorite things that I use and want to talk about. So I’ve made a huge list of topics that I want to tackle in the coming weeks, and even got fancy and made an editorial calendar to keep me on track. My goal is to stick with this calendar and get that passion for blogging back that has brought me so much joy in the past. And my mom is my accountability partner people!! Ha! #ClearlyINeedHelp

So long story short, I’m trying to nip this whole lack of confidence thing in the bud with a little positive self-talk and a focus on authenticity. I’m going to stick to the basics ya’ll, but going to try to throw some value your way while I do it. Because ultimately we all love real talk moments, but the perfect lip gloss and must have fall booties are also super click-worthy and need to be addressed when stumbled upon! I’m ready to have some fun ladies… and while I’m on the topic, this really IS the perfect lip plumping gloss (my shade is ‘Jessica’)! Annnnd these are the BEST booties ever, I seriously get so many compliments on them!


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