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I hope you guys enjoyed my post last week sharing my new light and bright kitchen upgrades! Next I wanted to discuss an area that has always been a bit scary to me: mixing patterns and textures — eeks! I had fallen into the matchy matchy look with the same textures throughout my house because I thought that made it look cohesive. And I’m big on things in a home looking cohesive. But I’ve realized throughout this home improvement process that mixing it up can be cohesive, you just need to keep a similar vibe throughout your home so each room doesn’t look like a different home within your home! So with that, let’s dive into the second post in my blog series; Home Refresh Blog Series: Mixing Patterns and Textures With Confidence! 

As I mentioned in my Light & Bright Kitchen blog post, I worked with my friend and interior stylist, Adrienne from Pickfair to help me re-style my home. I wanted Adrienne to challenge me to think outside the box on decor; like talk me out of buying the matching set and teach me how to mix patterns and textures confidently. Take the picture below as an example… I like the large blue end pillows you see on the couch and she suggested a single stripe pillow for added interest. I thought I needed two pillows for balance, but honestly having just the one is so cute. And that buffalo check pillow on the chair is so traditional and stylish mixed in with the other patterns. I couldn’t love it more!

new living room decor

Sectional sofa | Leather chair | Faux fur throw

I was very interested in playing with the new gold trend. After selecting an upholstered sectional and leather swivel chair for my living room, Adrienne recommended a navy leather tufted ottoman with brass legs, which was definitely outside of my comfort zone! It screamed “modern” to me and I didn’t see my vibe as modern. I like to call my style “lived in chic!” She assured me the tufted look and navy was pretty traditional and it would look great. So I went further and grabbed these pretty gold and glass nesting tables to enhance the playful mix of traditional, modern-ish, and a slight coastal vibe throughout. Mixing is FUNNN! 

navy leather ottoman

Ottoman | Pillows are Home Goods

Gold nesting tables

My original decor colors were reds and greens and I’ve been trying for years to phase out the red and green in favor or more blues. I love blue and white and Adrienne is my blue and white spirit unicorn! These have become my main colors throughout with pops of yellow and a bit of coral in my kitchen. I love retro pop culture so this 1950’s girl swimming in my dinning space (scroll up to first photo in blog) Sand Key art pieces from One King’s Lane added a playful aesthetic to the decor. Plus, we are putting in a pool as we speak so I wanted to draw in art with water. This art piece gives me all the vacay vibes when I look at it! 🙂

sand key painting

Sand Key art

I have a several types of furniture/decor textures I’m working with now, including the natural wood color you see in my Pier 1 kitchen table, chairs, and counter stools. For added interest I chose wicker end chairs to mix it up. I have a natural wood entryway table from World Market, gold in my end table and ottoman, black wood in my buffet table, a black metal chandelier, and I plan to get a gold/glass bar cart to balance out the dining room. If you would’ve told me a year ago I’d be mixing this many textures I’d be like: oh hellz no, it needs to be COHESIVE. But it actually looks really cohesive with my new and improved set of decorating eyes!

An inviting entry way

Peek at my former entryway behind this cute little Ironman, followed by our new light and bright entryway…

old entryway

new entry way table

new entry way

Foyer Table | Rug | Lamp | Lantern | Similar Round Mirror

I still want to play around with decorative accents for the entryway table but for now I used pieces that I already had.

Don’t be afraid to seek styling help

I highly recommend working with an interior stylist/decorator if you’re looking for a big home refresh or building a new home. Don’t be afraid to seek styling help, it’ll make your life easier! I’m so happy with my home refresh and looking forward to a lighter and brighter home for the summer!

Are there any new decor trends you’re dying to try? Anything that kind of scares you?! For me that was gold!

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